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Rehabilitation Sleeve - An FES-Robot Hybrid System

Product IDPA070

SizeElbow sleeve 35 cm; Wrist brace 18 cm

Product and Accessories

    User can put on the whole set of Rehab sleeve or wear any single item : wear elbow sleeve and wrist brace together; only wear elbow sleeve; only wear wrist brace

Situation:Stroke survivors with limited upper limb movement
Description:The device provides a novel training method for paralyzed persons to improve their upper limb functions. The device can be used in hospitals, clinics, health centres and at home

Design Features

Faster recovery: FES-robot hybrid training system assists the elbow and wrist joints to move using motors. Meanwhile, it also enhances neuroplasticity recovery by inducing additional muscular practice at the elbow, wrist and hand/fingers through electrical stimulation Voluntary EMG-driven: The system driven by EMG signals of user effectively improves coordination of muscle movement Comfortable: The bracing system manages the pressure and moisture levels of the skin to minimize any uncomfortable feelings caused

Other Features

    Interesting training programme The training system can act as a computer input device, enabling the combination of training tasks with computer games and applications

People Suit for

    Stroke survivors undergoing rehabilitation


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