General University Requirements (GUR) at PolyU  

GUR stands for “General University Requirements”. It constitutes the core general education curriculum of PolyU that all students must engage in. This is in contrast to the DSR or “Discipline Specific Requirements”. A balanced and well-rounded education should consist of both.

Purpose of GUR

Your course of study in the DSR consists of the major(s) and/ or minor(s) which you will choose leading to professional credentials in a given discipline or disciplines. However, as a citizen in the modern world and a unique human being, you need to appreciate the importance of active and life-long learning. This is the rationale for the GUR — to tap into your human potential.

While encouraging you to take into consideration your individuality, the GUR and DSR combined aspire to cultivate in you the following desirable attributes of a PolyU graduate:

  • Critical thinker
  • Effective communicator
  • Innovative problem solver
  • Lifelong learner
  • Ethical leader

Requirements of GUR

It is true that the GUR constitutes a set of specific requirements which must be met in order to graduate, but the intent here is to attend to the unique characteristics (the needs, curiosity and potential interests) of each student. Much individual choice is involved. Therefore, instead of looking at the GUR as a “requirement”, it is more useful if you view it as an “opportunity” and a “challenge” for self-discovery.

Starting in September 2012 with the new 4-year curriculum, all degree students will need to participate in a comprehensive GUR which consists of six components.

Let’s briefly look at each one in turn.

1. Freshman Seminar (FS)
2. Language and Communication Requirements (LCR)
3. Leadership and Intra-Personal Development (LIPD)
4. Cluster Area Requirements (CAR)
5. Service-Learning (SL)
6. Healthy Lifestyle (HL)

GUR’s Contribution to PolyU’s Desired Graduate Attributes

As can be seen in the table, the GUR contributes significantly to your acquisition of PolyU’s desired graduate attributes which help you become an effective citizen, problem solver and professional.