Distinctive Features of PolyU’s 4-year Undergraduate Curriculum

PolyU's 4-year undergraduate curriculum is designed to prepare students for success in their chosen professions and nurture them to become all-rounded global citizens. All of our programmes are application-oriented, meeting the needs of industries, the professions and the community, with an appropriate balance of theory and practice in the curriculum. Most of our academic programmes are accredited by relevant statutory or professional bodies, both local and overseas.  

It is mandatory for all PolyU full-time undergraduate students to complete a Work-Integrated Education (WIE) component to gain real-life experience in the actual workplace before graduation. This will enable our students to deepen their understanding of industries and professions, to apply classroom learning to deal with real-life problems, and to develop their workplace skills.

PolyU places strong emphasion students’ whole-person development. Under the 4-year curriculum, all full-time undergraduate students are required to take the General University Requirements (GUR) subjects which include Language and Communication, Leadership and Intra-Personal Development, Service-Learning, broadening subjects chosen from four Cluster Areas, Freshman Seminar and Healthy Lifestyle. The primary objective of GUR is to widen students’ horizons and promote their holistic development in their undergraduate years. It is the University’s vision that through fulfilling GUR, students will develop the desired attributes of critical thinking, effective communication, innovative problem-solving, lifelong learning and ethical leadership.

PolyU is the first university in Hong Kong to make Service-Learning a compulsory subject for all students studying 4-year degree programmes. We aim to develop our students into responsible global citizens. Service-Learning integrates academic study with community service and reflection, thereby enriching students’ learning experience. Students can apply their professional knowledge and skills to serve the people in need through participating in community service or civic engagement activities.