Leadership & Intra-Personal Development

The Leadership and Intra-Personal Development (LIPD) aims to prepare you to lead yourself and others. This subject enables you to: 

  • understand theories and research on the intra-personal and interpersonal qualities of effective leaders,
  • develop self-awareness and a better understanding of oneself,
  • acquire interpersonal skills essential for functioning as an effective leader, and
  • develop self-reflection skills.

NeedToDo blue What you need to do: Complete a 3-credit LIPD subject.


The following two LIPD subjects are offered. The students of the Faculty of Business will be pre-assigned MM1051. Other students will be pre-assigned APSS1L01, and they are allowed to change to take MM1L01 instead of APSS1L01 by doing add/drop by themselves during the University's subject registration and add/drop period.


Subject Title  Subject Code Credits
Tomorrow’s Leaders APSS1L01 3
 Tango! Managing Self and Leading Others  MM1051
( For FB students)

(For other non-FB students)

Important4 Important Note: If you are admitted as an Advance Standing student, a Senior Year Intakes student or through Articulation Degree Programmes, you may not be required to take the Leadership and Intra-Personal Development subject. Please refer to Senior Year Intakes/ Articulation Degree Programme for more details.