Leadership & Intra-Personal Development

The Leadership and Intra-Personal Development aims to prepare you to lead yourself and others. This subject enables you to: 

  • understand theories and research on the intra-personal and interpersonal qualities of effective leaders,
  • develop self-awareness and a better understanding of oneself,
  • acquire interpersonal skills essential for functioning as an effective leader, and
  • develop self-reflection skills.

NeedToDo blue What you need to do: Complete a 3-credit subject as pre-assigned by Faculty/School/Department.


The following two Leadership and Intra-Personal Development subjects are offered. The students of the Faculty of Business will take MM1051 and other students will take APSS1L01. 


Subject Title  Subject Code
Tomorrow’s Leaders APSS1L01
 Tango! Managing Self and Leading Others MM1051

Important4 Important Note: If you are admitted as an Advance Standing student, a Senior Year Intakes student or through Articulation Degree Programmes, you may not be required to take the Leadership and Intra-Personal Development subject. Please refer to Senior Year Intakes/ Articulation Degree Programme for more details.