CAR Subjects on Offer in Semester 1, 2017/18


1. The list of CAR subjects is subject to change.  Please refer to e-student for the confirmed list of CAR subjects in the relevant semester.
2. The subject description forms are subject to revision from time to time. Please refer to the websites of the subject-offering departments or contact the departments for the latest information.
3. In view that CAR subjects fulfilling the Chinese Reading/Writing (CR/CW) requirements are designed for Degree students to fulfill their graduation requirement, students of Higher Diploma programmes, who wish to enroll on these subjects, are welcome to register for them during the last 2 days of the Add/Drop period if study places are available.
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Cluster Area - A

Subject code Subject Title ER/EW CR/CW CSR Level
APSS1A03 Men and Masculinity in Hong Kong       1
APSS1A04 Understanding Ethics in Daily Life       1
APSS1A06 Humanity, Fear and Destiny: Revelation from Sci-fi Movie       1
APSS1A07 # Introduction to Psychology       1
APSS1A08 # Introduction to Sociology       1
APSS1A09 # Introduction to Anthropology       1
APSS1A21 Service Leadership     1
APSS1A22 Promotion of Leadership Qualities in University Students     1
CBS1A01P Fun with Language     1
CBS1A13 The Talking Brain     1
ELC1A01 Science Fiction as a Reflection on Humanity     1
ELC1A04 From Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter: Fantasy, reality and humanity     1
ELC1A06 Humanities and Human Relationships Through Films Across Chinese and Western Cultures     1
GEC1A03 Life and Death     1
GEC1A04 Love, Intimacy and Identity       1
GEC1A09 Understanding Human Relations through Cinema     1
GEC1A49P Chinese Arts and Life   1
HTM1A01 Leisure and Society        1
RS1A02 Obsessions, Compulsions and Addictions in Modern Life       1

# Double Fulfilment


Cluster Area - B

Subject code Subject Title ER/EW CR/CW CSR Level
APSS1B11 Globalization and the Changing Middle Class      1
APSS1B12 Media and Everyday Life       1
APSS1B14 Discovering Hong Kong Society
APSS1B14C Discovering Hong Kong Society
APSS1B15 Global China     1
APSS1B17 Contemporary Chinese Society and Popular Culture   1
CBS1B03 East Asia: Towards a Global Community with Cultural Diversity       1
CC2H02P * Chinese Geography and the Culture of Travel   2
COMP1B02 Friends, Followers and Circles: Connections in a Socially-Computed World       1
CSE1B02 Civil Infrastructure and Society       1
ENGL2B03 Exploring Language in Social Life
GEC1B12 International Relations and Global Issues
GEC1B13 Introduction to Political Science       1
GEC1B38 Hong Kong Governance and Politics        1
GEC1H16 * Governing China: Chinese Politics and Legal System     1
GEC1H16C * Governing China: Chinese Politics and Legal System     1
HTM1B04 Achieving Quality Customer Service in Hospitality Industry        1
LGT2B02 # Principles of Operations Management       2
LSGI1B02 Climate Change and Society     1
LSGI2B01 Map Reading and Interpretation     2
MM2B05 # Introduction to Marketing       2
SN2B02 Disasters and Global Health Challenges     2

# Double Fulfilment

* Fulfills CAR B or C


Cluster Area - C

Subject code Subject Title ER/EW CR/CW CSR Level
APSS1C19P Transformation of Chinese Society: Revolution and Reform   1
CBS1C05P Introduction to Cantonese Opera   1
CBS1C07P Introduction of Chinese Literature   1
CBS1C08 Chinese Language and the Chinese Societies     1
CBS1C12P Chinese Language and the Chinese Societies   1
CBS2C04P Appreciation of the Four Great Classical Chinese Novels    2
CBS2C09P Communications in Greater China   2
CC1C04P Contemporary Chinese History and Culture   1
CC1C06P Her-story: Women in China   1
CC1C15P Splendours of Imperial China   1
CC2C11P Celebrated Literary Chinese Writings   2
CC2C12 Chinese Film and Society     2
CC2C13P Chinese Folk and Popular Stories   2
CC2C21P The Good Life and Chinese Art   2
CC2C24P Introduction to Theater and Performance in Traditional China   2
CC2H02P * Chinese Geography and the Culture of Travel   2
ELC1C03 Creative Writing in English     1
ELC1C05 Horror in English Literature and Film     1
FH1C02P An Introduction to Asian Popular Culture   1
FH2C01P A Glimpse of Contemporary Livelihood Issues in China   2
FH2C03P Cultural History of the Eastern Silk Road   2
FH2C05P The Underground World of Early Imperial China   2
FH2C06P Women and their Everyday Life in Imperial China   2
GEC1C19 Interpreting Modern Art       1
GEC1C20 Chinese Art and Design   1
GEC1C23 History of Hong Kong     1
GEC1C24 Ethical Thinking: Theory and Practice     1
GEC1C26 Understanding East Asian Cinema     1
GEC1C31P Ways of Chinese Wisdom   1
GEC1C31W Ways of Chinese Wisdom   1
GEC1C46 Aspects of Western Philosophy     1
GEC1C50 Understanding French Culture and Society through Cinema     1
GEC1H16 * Governing China: Chinese Politics and Legal System     1
GEC1H16C * Governing China: Chinese Politics and Legal System     1
GEC2C22 East Asia: Its History and Culture     2
GEC2C47 Historic and Cultural Conservation     2
HTM1C06 The Evolution of World Cuisine       1
HTM1C07 The History and Culture of the Wine Industry       1
ITC1C02 Fashion and Culture     1
SD1C03 Art and the Human Body     1
SD1C04 Creating Novels and Screenplays       1
SN1C03P Legacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)   1

* Fulfills CAR B or C


Cluster Area - D

Subject code Subject Title ER/EW CR/CW CSR Level
ABCT1D01 # Chemistry and Modern Living       1
ABCT1D04 # Introductory Life Science       1
ABCT1D05 Chinese Medicine: Myth or Treasure?     1
ABCT1D06 Nutrition and Healthy Living       1
ABCT1D07 The Environmental Impact of the Dietary Culture in China     1
ABCT1D09 Green House Gases and Life       1
ABCT1D10 Food Color, Taste and Smell        1
ABCT1D11 Life without Fossil Fuel       1
ABCT1D13 Introduction to cancer - cause, treatment and prevention       1
AMA1D01C The History of Ancient Chinese and World Mathematics   1
AMA1D04 Understanding Social Conflicts by Game Theory       1
AMA1D07 Introduction to Cosmology       1
AP1D02 Introduction to Astronomy       1
AP1D03 How Things Work: the Physics of Everyday Life       1
BME1D01 # Bionic Human and the Future of Being Human     1
BME1D02 Wearable Healthcare and Fitness Devices for Everyone     1
BSE1D02 Light, Man and Environment       1
BSE1D03 Intelligent Building and Associated Fire Safety       1
EE1D01 Electrical Science for Everyone        1
EIE1D02 Electronic Music: The Impact of Technology on Digital Lifestyle       1
GEC1D36M Logic as a Foundational Science       1
ISE1D02 Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World       1
LSGI1D03 Living on a Dynamic Earth      1
ME1D01 Engineering and Environmental Management     1
ME1D02 Products and Materials in Modern Society      1
SO2D01 Eyes on Vision       2

# Double Fulfilment

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