HSEO Training Courses in December 2011

To:       Departmental Health & Safety Officers 

Fm:      Health, Safety & Environment Office
Date:   25 December 2011 

Health, Safety and Environment Office will arrange 4 safety courses in December 2011 as follows:

a)    Assessing Risk of Your Workplace
b)    LaboratoryBiological Safety
c)     Personal Protective Equipment Training for Laboratory Users
d)    Selection and use of Personal Protective Equipment     

Assessing Risk of Your Workplace

6 December 2011 (Tue) 
10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Room R401  (in Cantonese)

Chris Leung
1.     Principles of risk assessment
2.     Steps of performing risk assessment
3.     Using the HSE Form 14 for assessing risk
Course objectives:
Basic principles of risk assessment and a risk assessment tool for workplace risk assessment will be introduced.  This training will provide you a step-by-step guidance in performing a generic risk assessment on your workplace and give you practical examples.

Target group(s):
Supervisors responsible for the safety management of offices, laboratories and workshops.      

(Please apply on or before 1 December 2011) 


Laboratory Biological Safety

9 December 2011 (Fri) 
09:30 – 12:30 
Room Y951
(in English)

Mr Danny Fok
1.      Classification of bio-hazards and university policy
2.      Laboratory design regarding biological safety
3.      Biological safety equipment
4.      Safe laboratory practices
5.      Disposal of biological waste
6.      Emergency procedures
Course objectives:
This course aims at introducing biological safety management for laboratory supervisors and equipping users of biological agents with better knowledge on biological safety practices so that they can manage biohazardous agents in good order and work safely in the laboratory respectively.   

Target group(s):
All biological laboratory supervisors and registered users of biological agents who work with microorganisms or other biohazardous substances frequently. 

(Please apply on or before 2 December 2011)


Personal Protective Equipment Training for Laboratory Users

15 Dec 2011 (Thu)
10:00 am – 12:00 noon  
Room Y951
(in Cantonese)

Speaker :
Mr. Ivan Chan, Mr. Chris Leung
1.    PPE as last line of defence
2.    Common PPE used in a laboratory
3.    Applications and limitations
4.    Storage and maintenance of PPE
5.    Demonstration on use (e.g. donning of gloves & respirators)
Course objectives:
The course aims to provide practical training on the use, storage and maintenance of PPE commonly used in a laboratory.

Target group(s):
All laboratory users.PPE is often taken as the line of protection.  Hence, it is crucial for PPE users to learn the correct donning procedures, applications and limitations of their PPE in order to use them properly.  Besides, PPE must be properly stored and maintained to ensure its effectiveness of protection.

(Please apply on or before 8 December 2011)


Selection & Use of Personal Protective Equipment

16 Dec 2011 (Fri)
10:00 am – 12:00 noon  
Room Y951
(in Cantonese)

Speaker :
Ir Nelson Chan
1.   Selection & use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
2.   Inspection & maintenance of PPE
3.   Proper storage of PPE 
Course objectives:
The course is designed to provide participants with basic understanding on the selection, use, inspection, maintenance and proper storage of personal protective equipment (PPE).  

It will be split into 3 sessions. The last two sessions will emphasize on the proper and actual use of half-face respirator and safety harness & accessory (11:00-11:30 for actual usage of half-face respirator, 11:30-12:00 for actual usage of safety harness and accessory). In the PPE usage demonstration, users of PPE having personal hygiene concern such as respiratory and safety harness shall bring along their own set.

Target group(s):
All DHSOs (department/office using PPE) and all PPE users are welcome.  
(Please apply on or before 9 December 2011)