PolyU Supports the Hong Kong No Air Con Night 2011

Dear staff and students,   

The territory-wide energy-saving event - “Hong Kong No Air Con Night”, organized by Green Sense, will be held from 7:00 pm this Thursday (29 September 2011) to 7:00 am the next morning. 

PolyU supports this meaningful event and encourages you to take the following actions where appropriate within the period:  

(1)   Switch off air-conditioning as far as possible when you leave your office, laboratory, workshop or classroom.
(2)   Refrain from using the air-conditioner in your room as far as possible (with your room mate(s)’ prior consent if you are a resident of the Student Halls).
(3)   Refrain from using the air conditioner(s) at your home as far as possible (with your family members’ consent). 

It is known that about 60% of electricity consumption from July to August and 30% of annual electricity consumption in Hong Kong is attributed to the use of air-conditioning. This event aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the prudent use of air-conditioning. The same event held last year achieved resounding success with generous support from political parties, the business community and citizens including students from the universities’ hostels.  

I look forward to your participation in this meaningful event.     

With best regards, 

Y K Kam
Head (Health, Safety and Environment)