Use Less Plastic and Styrofoam Campaign

To: All staff and students

From: Health, Safety and Environment Office
Date: 28 January 2011 

Plastic and Styrofoam are extensively used for making disposable dining utensils and food containers. As you know, these materials are non-biodegradable and they may persist in the environment after disposal, resulting in serious environmental pollution. 

To further encourage our students and staff to use fewer plastic disposable utensils and Styrofoam boxes for food, a new round of “Use Less Plastic and Styrofoam Campaign” will be held on the PolyU campus. Thanks to our caterers’ support, this campaign will last for six months starting from 7 February to 31 July 2011. Students and staff can save one dollar if they bring their own food containers for take-away food at the following canteens/restaurants during the specified hours: 

Date: 7 February – 31 July 2011     日期2011 2月 7日 – 7月 31日

Canteens/Restaurants   飯堂及餐廳 Offering Hours   優惠時段
Student Canteen, Staff Canteen and Coffee Lounge (G/F Shaw Amenities Building)
學生飯堂、職員飯堂及咖啡茶座 (邵逸夫樓地下)

 Anytime during opening hours全日供應
Hall Restaurant (1/F, Student Halls of Residence)
學生宿舍餐廳 (學生宿舍一樓)
HKCC Cafeteria (4/F, HHB Campus)
Student Canteen (3/F, Communal Building)
學生飯堂  (文康大樓三樓)
Lunch Hour  午市時段  
(11:00 – 14:30)
Dinner Hour晚市時段  
(17:00 – 20:30) 
Lawn Cafe (G/F & 1/F of Block N)
草坪餐廳 (N座地下及一樓) 
(Purchase of baked potatoes or pasta only)
Anytime after 11:00

Attached please find a poster for this campaign for your information. Your support and participation in this campaign will certainly contribute to a better and more sustainable environment for our future generation.