Career opportunities available in PolyU

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is a government-funded tertiary institution in Hong Kong with a total student headcount of about 32,700 comprising about 21,300 full-time students and 11,400 part-time students. The University offers a wide range of taught and research programmes up to doctoral level and is fully committed to academic excellence in a professional context with a view to designing, developing and delivering application-oriented education and training programmes. It offers programmes at various levels including Doctorate, Master's and Bachelor's degrees. The University has 27 academic departments and units grouped under six faculties, as well as 2 independent schools and 2 independent research institutes. It has a full-time academic staff strength of around 1,250. The total consolidated expenditure budget of the University is about HK$5 billion per year.

The University is implementing its fourth Strategic Plan under the theme of "Soaring with a Vision" (2012/13 to 2017/18) with the vision to be a leading university that excels in professional education, applied research and partnership for the betterment of Hong Kong, the nation and the world. It engages in a broad portfolio of research and scholarly activities in a focused manner, with special emphasis on applied research. In addition to research funding obtained from external sources, the University provides internal funding for research. In 2013/2014, the internal funding allocated for research activities amounts to about HK$144 million. Over the years, the University has developed a close and productive partnership with industries and commerce in Hong Kong and collaboration with numerous universities internationally. It is the only University with an Institute for Entrepreneurship established for the purpose of supporting industrial and commercial development in Hong Kong.

The job openings now available are as detailed under External Advertisements. For non-academic posts, candidates may be invited to sit for the Language Proficiency Test (LPT) organized by the University. The LPT will comprise an English test paper and a Chinese test paper. Candidates who have attempted IELTS and attained an overall score of 6.5 or above, with a score of 6.5 or above for “Writing” may be exempted from the English test of the LPT; they are however still required to sit for the Chinese test. Please refer to the sample test papers for familiarization of the LPT.

PolyU is an equal opportunity employer. If you are interested in any of the openings, you are most welcomed to apply.