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Jump on the sustainable and green event trend

The sustainable event trend is continuing to grow around the globe, and most of the event planners are going over a variety of innovative ideas to go green. Why should we go green with our events?

Events can be entertaining to the attendees, but they may also bring a lot of waste and leave a large carbon footprint. The food, the bottled drinks, the printed matter, the cups and cutleries, the decoration can all become the sources of waste that go directly to the landfills when the events finish. It’s time we should all spend conscious effort to bring about a change and to make a positive impact. 

Switching to a sustainable event takes planning, time and management. However, it may not be as hard as one may imagine. Something as simple as going paperless, using reusable or biodegradable cutleries and table ware, encouraging recycling, exercising effective budgeting and avoiding excessive purchase, using digital panels to support event decoration, and implementing digital tools or social media platforms to publicize the events will help minimize our impact on the environment. PolyU understands this well and has always been supporting green event measures. The University has its own Guideline for Green Promotion and Campus Activities for a few years, which is widely supported by its staff members. Sustainable practices are getting more and more evident in the University’s events and activities. The students and staff involved in organizing and planning events are getting more cautious from the start to minimize leftovers of any kind.

Using and returning reusable table ware at events   Promoting events through convenient mobile apps

For those who are looking for more advice on how to run green events, they may find some helpful tips from the Green Event Guidebook launched by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) in December 2017. This guidebook provides clear guidelines and practical examples for event organizers to achieve waste reduction at source and clean recycling at their events. In September 2018, over 40 organizations including PolyU echoed EPD and pledged their support for green events. They committed to following this Guidebook when organizing and sponsoring future events, aiming to enhance their environmental performance and work collaboratively to promote waste reduction. With this pledge, PolyU will deepen green practices in organizing as well as promoting events and activities, and to further enhance the environmental awareness and building of a waste-less culture in the campus community.


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