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A ‘green’ welcome for freshmen

The University demonstrates its commitment to creating a sustainable community instinctively. It extends sustainability education to reach thousands of freshmen on 31 August 2018 as they attended the Orientation Info Day in Shaw Sports Complex. When these new students had the opportunity to learn more about the University and to enroll in activities that transition them to campus life at the Orientation Info Day, the Campus Sustainability Office welcomed them with a booth to showcase some distinctive and exciting sustainable initiatives and amusing green programs on campus. 

A booth by the Campus Sustainability Office filled with green information   Freshmen having conversations on green topics

To start their campus life in a green and trendy way, new students can make good use of a handful of e-resources and tools. The GreenMap@PolyU allows searching into information and locations of the green features, facilities, and laboratories on campuses or student halls of residence. The newly revamped TreeMap@PolyU is another beautifully crafted website that exhibits the magnificent campus greenery. Fauna@PolyU unveils the amazing biodiversity on campus which people tend to miss. ResourcesSharing@PolyU presents a customized platform for students to share and exchange items and project materials.  

Alongside the University’s online resources that facilitate information-sharing and knowledge transfer among students in sustainability, participation in green events will add much inspiration and motivation to taking up a green lifestyle. For those in search for fun-filled and relaxing green programs, they can challenge themselves into becoming campus urban farmers by joining the seasonal Urban Farming activities. Students who care much about the environment can proactively make their Plastic Free Friday pledges and commit to abandoning plastics for at least a day in a week. Veggie-lovers will be impressed by the annual campus VeggieLicious event which comes in the second week of September, featuring workshops, sharing sessions and a carnival that promotes the healthy veggie diet and sustainable lifestyle. PolyU’s home-grown UniRe® is definitely the not-to-miss facilities for those who uphold the source separation and waste reduction principles.

Scanning the QR codes to access PolyU’s various green online platforms   Inviting freshmen to love and enjoy their green campus

It is obvious that the University has embarked on sustainable journeys, doing things like celebrating green activities, going electronic as far as practicable, and educating the campus community on waste reduction behaviors. It will stand its students in good stead and generate a multiplier effect when the new blood is to effect global change in habits and lifestyles. 


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