Eyes on PolyU

Care for the environment and care for the community

The Campus Sustainability Office staged an activity on campus to collect unwanted and reusable items on 21 June 2018. Staff and students were invited to drop off water bottles, towels, blankets and men’s clothing items they no longer need at a dedicated collection counter. These items were then handled by ImpactHK and will be distributed to those in need, particularly the homeless.

This reusable items collection event was one of the activities organized to echo the World Environment Day (WED) and invited students and staff to reflect on their responsibility towards the environment and the community. Celebrated every year on 5 June, World Environment Day has long been an important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. PolyU is excited to pull efforts to highlight this and to engage as many people as possible through organizing different activities.

Collection Counter on campus    A lot of clothing items were received

There have been other occasions on campus when reusable items like books, red packets, food items, and computer equipment are collected for donation. Collecting reusable and second-hand items is something not foreign to the campus community, and the University has been actively promoting the practice of sharing and reusing. Instead of discarding unwanted items right away, donating them is always one good alternative as someone else can continue using them. By then we can help prevent usable items from going into landfills and can reduce waste. We can also help the community and those in need.

These activities on campus call upon the reflection of our consumption behavior. We are consuming so much from the environment to produce what we use, and sometimes we are buying more than we need. The act of reusing means a more effective way to use our resources and give a chance for the items to live a good second life by performing functional duties. Nevertheless, we should return to the basics of sustainability and remind ourselves of the priority to ‘reduce’. Only by a mindful consumption, we can help conserve resources and reduce waste at the source. 

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