Eyes on PolyU

New recycling facility in service

It only takes one or two seconds to drop a plastic bottle, a beverage can or garbage into rubbish bins and all will end up in landfills. Is it what we want?

To further promote waste source separation and recycling, a new set of collection bins named UniRe® (University/Universal Recycling Facilities), designed by the Public Design Lab at the School of Design, is recently introduced on campus to bring about even greater convenience in waste recycling.


This new recycling facility adopts a simple design which connects different waste and recycling bins in the form of ‘modules’. Attractive and distinguishable colors are used together with specially designed openings and shapes for different waste and recyclables (purple denotes “litter”, blue denotes “paper”, yellow denotes “metals” and brown denotes “plastics”) on the lids. Recognizable icons are also printed on the body of the modules. All these features combine to allow easy identification of different materials to be placed into the corresponding modules.

The modules are made of durable materials in a simple form, which can be easily exchanged and are highly adaptable for use within a campus environment, no matter indoor or outdoor. Apart from having apprehensible colours to draw users’ attention, the modules embed braille to bring user-friendliness for the visually impaired. They also open up opportunities for university community participation in appearance design activities in the future.


No arguing that there are better ways and options to deal with disposing waste in the blink of an eye. Let us make good use of these new waste and recycling bins across the campus and establish a positive recycling culture. We can help even more by adopting better recycling habits – such as compressing big recyclables and cans, disassembling and dismantling carton boxes, rinsing the plastic bottles before dropping them all into the recycling bins.

On top of these, let us take one bigger step and consider ways to  achieve a goal of  zero waste – to devote ourselves to reduce needless consumption and engage in a higher level of recycling and reuse activity.