Green PolyU Award - Green Office: celebrating great progress

The University’s pioneering Green PolyU Awards – Green Office programme concluded its Phase Two assessment exercise successfully and is about to enter into a new phase with increased and more impactful initiatives. Members of the University’s management, departmental Green Officers and representatives gathered in a special ceremony on 8 June 2018 to celebrate their accomplishments in greening their workplace.

Campus community gather to celebrate success in workplace green movement          Head, Campus Sustainability extends congratulations to all green offices

Participating offices on campus achieved over 300 countable and meaningful targets in total in greening their offices, including energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction, increased recycling efforts, paper reduction and green procurement in the past year. Their efforts are highly commended and they are ready to step out for larger success.

Among all, three offices were presented awards by Prof. Alex Wai, Vice President (Research Development) and Chairman of Campus Sustainability Committee at the ceremony:

Most Efficient Green Office Award –

Health, Safety and Environment Office 

HSEO wins Most Efficient Green Office Award

Most Innovative Green Office Award –

CPCE Student Affairs Office

CPCE Student Affairs Office receives Most Innovative Green Office Award

Green Office with Remarkable Progress Award –

Human Resources Office

HRO receives Green Office with Remarkable Progress Award

The ceremony also brought together like-minded colleagues and members of the industry who wanted to actively engage in the conversation around green office movement. They shed light on how staff members can look into the future and transform their workplace by applying more green practices from multi perspectives.

Award-winners share their experience and insights          PolyU’s partner in Green Office programme introduces future workplans

Building workplace green culture is playing a pivotal role in shaping our campus sustainability. It requires not merely a checklist to help staff members make their ‘green’ behaviors habitual. It needs motivation and creativity which serve to catalyze their actions. The Green PolyU Awards – Green Office programme has come a long way since 2016 and is about to welcome more focused training and more inspiring activities in the new academic year to energize the campus community to green their offices and their lifestyle.