Green Tips (Mar 2019) - The Spring Flowers @PolyU

Azalea 杜鵑

Rhododendron spp.

Azalea blooms glamorously in Spring. Its flowers often last several weeks. It is widely planted for amenity purpose.

Find it on campus: Stephen Cheong Kam Chuen Memorial Plaza, near Shaw Amenities Building (VA)


Glory Bush 巴西野牡丹

Tibouchina seecandra

Glory Bush has attractive purple flowers. It is very easy to identify as it has triple-veined leaves and the stamens are bent like knees.

Find it on campus: near Chung Sze Yuen Building (A), near Communal Building (S)


Tall Bottle-brush 串錢柳

Callistemon viminalis

Tall Bottle-brush gets its name because its flowers hang down on the branches and resemble bottle brushes. It is an ornamental plant which is usually cultivated in parks and gardens.

Find it on campus: near Stephen Cheong Kam Chuen Memorial Plaza, Jogging Track


Research shows that climate change may disrupt flower pollination, making flowers less likely bloomed!

Reference: Damian Carrington. (2014, Nov 1). Climate change is disrupting flower pollination, research shows. The Guardian. Retrieved from


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