Charter on External Lighting

Launched by the Environment Bureau, the "Charter on External Lighting" invites owners of and responsible persons for external lighting installations to switch off lighting installations of decorative, promotional or advertising purposes which affect the outdoor environment during the preset time (i.e. 11 p.m. or midnight to 7 a.m. on the following day). It is hoped that the Charter will help to minimize light nuisance and energy wastage progressively. 


PolyU Signed the Charter on 1 April 2016

As announced in the Signing Ceremony held on 1 April 2016, PolyU has signed this Charter to show its support and has pledged to switch off non-essential external lighting installations on campus, student halls and other concerned premises during the preset times.


PolyU Received Award Certificates on 15 June 2017

The Awards Presentation Ceremony of Charter on External Lighting was held on 15 June 2017. PolyU was presented with Platinum Award to recognize that PolyU complies with the switch-off requirements.


Charter on External Lighting Poster  Platinum Award


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You can find more information about the Charter from Environment Bureau's website at