Chapter 1: About this Report 第一章: 關於本報告

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (hereinafter “PolyU”) has published Environment Report annually since 2004. This year, we published our first Sustainability Report, “Education • Technology • Sustainability”, which summarises our sustainability performance and demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement.

香港理工大學( 以下簡稱「理大」) 自2004 年至今每年均出版環境報告,今年欣然製作第一份可持續發展報告 —《教育• 科技• 可持續發展》,闡述本校的可持續發展績效及表述我們不斷求進的誠志。


Reporting Principles 匯報準則

This Report is prepared with reference to the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) G3.1 Guidelines and stakeholders’ views. A GRI Content Index is provided in the Appendix to illustrate the sections that the relevant GRI indicators have been covered in this Report. An independent third-party verifier has been engaged to verify the materiality, credibility and reliability of this report and ensure its compliance to the GRI Application Level C+ requirements. The verifier’s views on this report can be found in the Verification Statement.

本報告是參照全球報告倡議組織(GRI)《可持續發展報告指引第3.1 版》(G3.1),並且採納持份者的意見。 本報告的附錄載有GRI 內容索引,列明涵蓋相關GRI 指標的本報告章節。我們已聘請獨立的核實機構核證 本報告的實質性、公信力和可靠度,確保達到GRI應用等級C+ 級。核實機構的意見詳見「核實聲明」。


Reporting Period and Scope 匯報期及匯報範圍

This Report covers the fiscal year 2011/12 (1 July 2011 – 30 June 2012) and the supplementary period from 1 January 2011 to 30 June 2011, to facilitate the reporting period transition from calendar year in the previous Environmental Report to fiscal year starting this Sustainability Report.

為使本報告匯報期與上期環境報告的曆年銜接並涵蓋相關的財政年度,本報告的匯報期涵蓋 2011 年7 月1 日至2012年6 月30 日的2011/12 財政年度及2011 年1 月1 日至2011 年6 月30 日的補充期。

The PolyU campus includes main campus at Hung Hom, Hong Kong Community College at Hung Hom Bay and West Kowloon, Hotel ICON, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Student Halls of Residence at Hung Hom Bay and Homantin, Shenzhen Campus, etc. The scope of this Report covers the Hung Hom main campus only. During the reporting period, there is no significant change with regard to PolyU’s organization size, structure and ownership. Data and statistics in this Report are presented as absolute figures and are normalized into comparable terms where appropriate and practicable.