Message from the President

PolyU President Timothy W. Tong, Ph.D.With the increasing modernization and globalization of today’s world, we are facing the ever growing challenge of balancing economic and social development and its impact on the sustainability of the environment.  To tackle this challenge, we need commitment, coordination, cooperation and creativity from all sectors of our community.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has always understood the practical needs of Hong Kong and our country, and is dedicated to the advancement of society through education and research.  On the education side, with a view to nurturing a new generation of leaders who possess a sense of social responsibility and a broad perspective that stretches beyond their disciplines, we have developed a number of academic programmes and campus initiatives associated with sustainability.  In regard to research, last year we established the Research Institute for Sustainable Urban Development in order to create sustainable solutions to problems generated by high-density urban development.  In addition, we have collaborated with an external partner to devise a Business Sustainability Index to facilitate local organizations in enhancing their sustainability performance, and have promoted sustainability through technological breakthroughs and collaboration with business and industry.

I am grateful for the valuable contributions made by all my colleagues, students and alumni, as well as partners who assist us in our endeavour towards sustainability.

Let’s join hands to bring us closer to a sustainable future!

Signed by PolyU President

Timothy W. Tong, Ph.D.  



May 2013