First-year Experience

Work-Integrated Education

To support the role of the PolyU in nurturing all-around students with professional competence, thus all students in our undergraduate degree programmes are required to complete a commendatory WIE component as a part of the curricular requirement since 2005.

WIE is a work-based learning experience through internship takes place in real life work environment which is relevant to the student’s chose profession. The Office of Careers and Placement Services assist students in fulfilling WIE requirements through offering internship opportunities in Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland and International.

For detail of WIE, please visit CAPS website at https://www.polyu.edu.hk/caps/wie-home.


NG, Wing Sze
BSc (HONS) Surveying 
South Africa WIE


YUEN, Ni Tun
BBA (HONS) Accounting and Finance
Australia WIE


POON, Cheuk Hei
BA (HONS) Environment & Interior Design

CHEUNG, Ling Wong
BEng  (HONS) Civil Engineering

Taiwan WIE


WIE Night cum WIE Closing Ceremony 2015