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Tender Notice
Finance Office (FO) of PolyU has issued to some selected suppliers tender invitations with details as per the below summary table. To enhance the competitiveness of the tendering process, tender notices are also posted here for information to all suppliers.

With an aim to continuously enhance our tendering process, PolyU is launching a web-based Tendering System to provide a brand new tendering experience to our suppliers and University internal users. The Tendering System is an electronic platform that allows Request for Quotation (RFQs) and Invitation to Tender documents to be distributed to suppliers. This system also enables suppliers to keep abreast of the latest quotations and tenders update, upload and download quotations and tender documents, as well as conduct supplier registration and update company information on line. To gain access to the system, you are required to complete the registration of your company via the Tendering System Website.

Suppliers who are interested in bidding for the below PolyU's purchase requirements or becoming PolyU registered supplier may contact the responsible purchasing officers of FO (i.e. the contact persons indicated below) to obtain more information.
      Last revision date: 28-Feb-2020