A Feast of Art: Guided Tours by Mr Tang Hoi-chiu (2018/2019, First Semester)
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1. Exhibition of Ceramics by Rosanna Li

27 October 2018 (Saturday – 1 session)
3 pm – 4:30 pm
Grotto Fine Art
1 – 2/F, 31C – D Wyndham Street, Central

Ms Rosanna Li is a well-known ceramic artist in Hong Kong whose signature is hand-built ceramic figurines. She takes inspiration from different characters in the local community; her figurines have a robust and humorous look that catches the viewer’s eye. Follow Mr Tang Hoi-chiu in this guided exhibition tour of Love Books, Love Phones, and Love Puffs to see a new collection of ceramic figurines made with Japanese black clay, be amazed by the expressive ceramic figurines and experience the artist’s observations of Hong Kong society.

 2. Imperial Porcelains from the Ming Dynasty 

13 October 2018 (Saturday – 1 session)
3 pm – 5 pm
Gallery I, Art Museum
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin

The Ming Dynasty marked a golden era of the Jingdezhen porcelain production, and all imperial porcelains were imprinted with reign marks from the Yongle era onwards. However, no example of Ming ceramics from the 18 years of Zhengtong, Jingtai and Tianshun reigns was found. Ceramics scholars call this period the Interregnum. This exhibition, Refilling the Interregnum: Newly Discovered Imperial Porcelains from Zhengtong, Jingtai and Tianshun Reigns (1436-1464) of the Ming Dynasty, will showcase newly discovered imperial porcelains from Zhengtong, Jingtai and Tianshun reigns, as well as pieces from Yongle, Xuande and Chenghua reigns for comparison. Mr Tang Hoi-chiu will shed light on the mystery of this historical period in this guided tour.

Mr Tang Hoi-chiu, former Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, has curated a great number of exhibitions of both Chinese and Western art. He has also served as adjudicator and nominator for local and international art competitions.

Important Notes
1)  For PolyU students and staff only.
2)  Both tours will be conducted in Cantonese.
3)  The enrolment deadline is 28 September 2018 (Friday).
4)  Lots will be drawn by computer to determine the successful applicants who will hear from us by email on or before 2 October 2018 (Tuesday).
5)  A confirmation link will be provided in the email sent to the successful applicants. They MUST click on the link in order to confirm their enrolment on or before 4 October 2018 (Thursday). Failing to do so will result in forfeiting the place to an applicant on the waiting list.
6)  The content and schedule of the tours are subject to change. Please visit our website regularly for updates.
7)  Participants who attend the tour will be:
        a.    recognized in the Co-curricular Achievement Transcript
        b.    awarded a Certificate of Attendance