Event 2dlm2016
29 May - 2 June 2016

Young Giants of Nanoscience 2016

Media 14 March 2016
PolyU Develops Novel Nano Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Flu Virus
Event 2dlm2016
7-9 January 2016

The 2nd International Conference on Two-dimensional Layered Materials
Awards 29 November 2015
Prof. SP Lau and Dr. JK Yuan's project "Aqueous Manganese Dioxide Ink for Flexible Energy Storage Devices" is awarded a Silver award at SIIF2015, and also a special merit prize from the Thailand delegation.
Media 23 September 2015
PolyU Develops Novel Eco High Performance Energy Storage Device
Media 7 September 2015
PolyU Develops Novel Efficient and Low-cost Semitransparent Perovskite Solar Cells with Graphene Electrodes
Event 2dlm2016
13 June 2015

The 18th Conference of The Physical Society of Hong Kong
News rae2014
The Department of Applied Physics (AP) attains the highest proportion of world leading (4*) research work in PolyU in the University Grants Council Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2014. AP ranks first in the cost centre of Materials Science and comes in 2nd place among the Physics Departments in Hong Kong.
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