Welcome to the Hong Kong Baptist University! To help you to get ready for University life, here are a few sites for you to get started. Please review all the information below, such as graduation requirements, transfer of units etc.

1. Graduation Requirements
- University General Requirements

- Programme Requirements
- Unit and Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirements

2. Transfer of Units

3. Useful Information for New Students
- Support for New Student
- Student Exchange Programme
- University Student Handbook

4. Student Orientation
- Course Pre-Registration
- Getting Ready for the New Semester
- Avoiding Plagiarism
- Videos – Battling the Fear of Unknown 
- Support

- Support for new students (Counselling and Development Centre)

5. Useful Links
- Faculties, Schools and Academic Departments
- Academic Registry
- Centre for Innovative Service-Learning
- International Office
- General Education Office
- Office of Student Affairs
- I.T. Support & Information


- Please refer to the University Student Handbook for details.
- The above information is for your reference only, and is subject to changes in the coming academic year.