Watch the short videos that CityU alumni and research team produced in 2019. Let the characters of the stories walk you through aspects of studying and life in CityU.

The synopsis: After hard work on some project, three students, Ken, Lina and Josephine, are heading for different places on campus. Follow their storylines, or jump to a particular scene, to get a glimpse of studying and life at CityU.

For most updated guidelines and latest development on campus, please contact the Academic Regulations and Records Office (https://www.cityu.edu.hk/arro/content.asp?cid=8), or consult your programme/major leaders.

Josephine Lina Ken
Josephine Lina Ken
A carefree student who emphasizes a balance between study and joy. A diligent student who is both excited and anxious about universitylife. An honor student who strives for high GPAs.
Follow KOL Josephine to discover fun on campus! Learn more catering outlets, facilities, PE courses, student societies and the hall life in the Student Residence. Follow her story to find out resources at CityU that helps her and friends deal with issues at school and in life, including ELC, academic advisors and mentors, career planning to mental health care. Follow his story and know more about course registration, scholarships, exchange programs, library and graduation etc., to academic success.

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