Many senior students joined the ‘Peer Mentoring Programme’ organised by the SYA Project. By communicating with other senior students, they can get information inside and outside the classroom and better adapt to a new school life.

Recognizing that senior students may encounter various challenges and have numerous inquiries after enrollment, particularly during the period preceding subject registration, we have organized this activity intentionally before the semester commences. To facilitate communication and provide guidance, we have established WhatsApp groups based on students' respective majors, enabling them to freely and directly seek information from their mentors within these groups. Furthermore, mentors proactively offer support and encouragement to their mentees before and after midterms and exams, acknowledging the difficulties they may face during these demanding periods. Even during the Christmas holiday, some mentors organize celebratory gatherings to mark the conclusion of the first semester, fostering a deeper understanding of their studies and campus life.

Some mentees expressed their satisfaction with the arrangement of these activities, and they also intend to become mentors next year in order to help the next cohort of senior students and pass on the torch of this meaningful activity.