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以下嘅「你問我答」收集咗SYA同學喺新生迎新活動同埋社交媒體發問嘅問題以及SYA學生大使同埋理大教職員嘅回答。所有嘅「你問我答」都盡量減少改動幅度,務求將最直接嘅回應呈現喺同學眼前,所以啲答案都未必係最完美。SYA Project已經將Q&A轉交相關部門檢查答案係唔係準確無誤,所以同學參考吓好啦,唔好當係100%準!


如果你搵到任何可以改善嘅地方,歡迎你聯絡我哋(電郵:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.),如果有咩問題,建議大家直接聯絡所屬學系或相關部門,佢地會為你提供最標準嘅答案。

The following selected questions and answers (Q&As) are commonly raised by SYA freshmen. We collected insights from seniors SYA students and university staff via student-sharing events and social media interaction. Q&As are displayed with minimum editing effort to reveal the most honest and direct responses, which might not be the perfect answers. The Q&As are being vetted by the responsible departments, so please take them as reference only!

And, we only focus on contents most new students might want to know about in a new environment, especially subject registration, course selection, graduation requirements and all supporting facilities at PolyU!

If you find something should be improved in the Q&As, please help and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You are also strongly recommended to contact your department and responsible supporting units for official response.

大學課程及畢業要求University Study and Graduation Requirement

  科目註冊 Subject Registration
  學分轉移及科目豁免 Credit Transfer & Subject Exemption
  評分及考核 Grading & Examination
  修業進程 Study Pattern
  大學核心課程 General University Requirement (GUR)
  主修課程 Major Requirement
  課堂學習環境 Class Learning Environment

課外活動及大學資源 Co-curricular Activities and University Resources

  海外交流 Exchange
  資訊科技 Information Technology
  校園設施 Campus Facilities
  住宿舍堂 Residential Hall