LPP 2022

Introduction and objectives:

The SYA Project is organizing a "Language Partner Programme" (LPP) which aims to connect local SYA students with non-local non-Chinese students across Hong Kong universities. One local SYA student will be paired up with one non-local non-Chinese student for six weeks to facilitate social integration, to enhance your intercultural communication skills and language skills and to broaden your cultural horizons and international exposure. 

Project period:

22 Dec 2022 – 2 Feb 2023


All local SYA students and non-local non-Chinese students from different disciplines are welcome.

Registration and vacancy:

Based on the pilot nature of this cross-institution collaboration, only limited vacancies will be offered. SYA Project will carefully select the most suitable participants if the registration figure exceeds our capacity.

Students interested are invited to complete the registration form below: https://forms.gle/HhMPf7s4qNqPawCS6

Application closed.