Credit Transfer & Exemption

Students holding A-Level or IB qualifications may be given credit transfer upon their admission to the 4-year full-time undergraduate degree schemes / programmes. Normally, they will be given credit transfer from 9 credits (including 6 credits for the broadening subjects and 3 credits for University English under the Language & Communication Requirements) to a maximum of 25% of the award requirements, depending on their previous study and grade attainments.


For students admitted based on other qualifications, the number of credit transfer to be granted at admission will be considered on individual merits.


Normally there is no need for new students to apply for credit transfer at the application stage. For students who have not been given credit transfer at the admission stage, they may consider submitting an application for credit transfer after enrolment on the programme together with relevant supporting documents, e.g. transcript of study and subject syllabus to their home departments before the end of the add / drop period of the first semester of their first year of study for their consideration.