Added Features of UG Programmes


Added Features of UG Programmes

Why are AIDA and IE important to me?

Given the emergence of Industry 4.0 as a key trend that is shaping the future, you not only need to gain solid academic knowledge, but also master the skills on innovation and technology and possess an entrepreneurial spirit in order to be highly competitive in the contemporary society.  In view of this, two new programme elements, namely “Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics” (AIDA) and “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (IE), have been incorporated into the General University Requirements.


Who should study AIDA and IE?

All students

  • Study as mandatory components of General University Requirements (total 3 credits)

Interested students

  • Study AIDA or IE as a Minor (total 18 credits) OR
  • Study as a Secondary Major (total 36 credits) i.e. “Your Major (1st Major) + AIDA” or “Your Major (1st Major) + IE”



Watch now! Introduction video about AIDA and IE.

Video in Cantonese with English and Chinese subtitles.



What is a Secondary Major?

A Secondary Major features an expanded area of studies in addition to an existing major, forming an additional award option of "Your Major plus a Secondary Major". We offer two Secondary Major programmes for students: "Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA)" and "Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IE)".


The curriculum structure of the Secondary Major in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA) is as follows:


Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA) Credits


Mathematics I for AIDA

Mathematics II for AIDA

Programming I: Programming Fundamentals

Programming II: Data Structures and Algorithms

Fundamentals of Data Analytics

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

DSR-AIDA Bridging Subject(s)

Integrated Capstone Project











Electives 3-6
Total 36



The curriculum structure of the Secondary Major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IE) is as follows:


Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IE) Credits


MM2021 Management and Organisation

LGT/MM3161 Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Business Innovation Project

Company Attachment (12 weeks)

GBA Summer Immersion; or Field Study for Innovation Ecosystems

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Colloquium








Electives 15
Total 36


For the elective subjects, students will be required to choose three subjects from any of the five areas (i.e. Accounting and Finance; Innovation and Technology Management; Marketing; Management and others) and two subjects from the Discipline-specific electives.


The 6-credit Company Attachment will be hosted by the department of the primary major and with the support from the Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office (KTEO). Students will normally take the Company Attachment in the summer term. However, they may be allowed to take the Company Attachment in the first/second semester if approval is obtained from the department of the primary major.



What is the curriculum structure of "Your Major + Secondary Major"?

The curriculum structure of an "Your Major + Secondary Major" (i.e. Your Major + Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA) or Your Major + Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IE)) is as follows:


Discipline-Specific Requirements   
Discipline-Specific Requirements [including Capstone Project and Discipline-Specific Language Requirements]
At least 66 credits
Secondary Major Requirements 36 credits
General University Requirements 30 credits
Minimum credit requirements for graduation At least 132 credits



Who can opt for a Secondary Major?

Studying a Secondary Major is a free choice by students and not mandatory. Only students with a Cumulative GPA of 2.70 or above may be considered for Secondary Major enrolment. Each Secondary Major may stipulate additional selection criteria for admission. Students must apply to and obtain approval from the programme offering Department, no later than the commencement of the second year of study, to be admitted to the Secondary Major.


Can I withdraw from the Secondary Major?

Students must complete the Secondary Major as part of their graduation requirements. Students who wish to withdraw from the Secondary Major must obtain approval from his/her home department before the end of the add/drop period of the last semester of study.


What award title will be shown in the award parchment?

Students graduating with a Secondary Major will receive one award parchment, which will list the title of the Major Programme and the Secondary Major. The honours classification will be based on all the subjects taken to fulfil the graduation requirements for the Major and the Secondary Major.


Can I take a Minor after opting for a Secondary Major?

If deemed appropriate by the home department, students are allowed to take a Major with a Secondary Major and a Minor. Subjects already double-counted for the Major and Secondary Major cannot be used to fulfil the Minor requirements.


What is the duration for completing a "Your Major + Secondary Major"?

Students are expected to complete the "Your Major + Secondary Major" within the normal duration of the Primary Major.