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Entrance Requirements
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What are the general entrance requirements for Degree schemes / programmes?

Please see below a summary table of the general entrance requirements of Degree schemes / programmes:

HKDSE Subjects

Core Subjects

Elective Subjects (including M1/M2)

Chinese Language

English Language


Citizenship and Social Development

1st Elective

2nd Elective

Level Requirement








Will PolyU consider applicants who fall short slightly from the entrance requirements of degree schemes / programmes?

Applicants who fall short slightly on the general entrance requirements of our schemes / programmes will be specially considered for admission. Details will be announced in due course.

If applicants have not taken the preferred subject(s) listed in the entrance requirement of a specific scheme / programme, would they be considered?

Yes, there is no mandatory subject requirement for individual schemes / programmes. Only preferred subjects, which carry the highest weighting in the calculation of admission scores, are listed. For admittees who have not studied the preferred subjects, they may need to take additional relevant underpinning subjects after admission so as to get the necessary foundation knowledge.

For students who have not taken Chinese Language in their secondary education, will they be considered for admission to PolyU?

Since Chinese Language is a core subject in HKDSE, all S6 students sitting for HKDSE are expected to either take the examination of Chinese Language or, where appropriate, the alternative Chinese Language. PolyU adopts a standardized arrangement for handling applicants’ alternative Chinese qualifications i.e. applicants endorsed by schools for meeting EDB’s specified circumstances and having achieved the required grade in Chinese in one of the examinations listed in the table below will be regarded as obtaining a Level 3 in HKDSE Chinese for meeting our entrance requirements, and for calculation of the related admission scores. These cases will also be highlighted to departments concerned for their attention and suitable consideration. 

ExamLevelMin. Grade
HKDSE ApL(C)N/AAttained


Would other language subjects offered to students under the New Senior Secondary curriculum (i.e. French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish and Urdu) be considered?

These other language subjects will be accepted as elective subjects. Grade E or above is required.

If students cannot get a Level 3 for their HKDSE Chinese Language, could their results in other language subjects be used to replace the Chinese requirement?

No, they cannot.

Can IELTS / TOEFL results be used to meet the English Language requirement?

No, they cannot. All applicants seeking admission on the basis of HKDSE results are expected to meet the HKDSE English Language requirement.

Can Applied Learning (ApL) subjects be used to meet the entrance requirement?

Individual schemes / programmes will accept relevant Applied Learning (ApL) subjects as meeting the entrance requirements. An attainment at Attained with Distinction (I) or above / Attained with Distinction (obtained in 2017 or before) in one relevant ApL subject can be used for meeting the elective subject requirements.

How would the Extended Modules of Mathematics be considered in meeting the entrance requirement?

The Extended Modules of Mathematics will be treated as a single subject in meeting the entrance requirement.

Can "Liberal Studies" be used to meet the entrance requirement?

For HKDSE repeaters who took “Liberal Studies” in 2023/24 or before and have not taken “Citizenship and Social Development” in 2024/25 and thereafter, “Level 2” or above in “Liberal Studies” would be regarded as “Attained” in “Citizenship and Social Development” for fulfilling the general entrance requirement. However, “Liberal Studies” would not be recognized for meeting the elective requirement of the general entrance requirement in 2024/25 and thereafter.