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Chairman’s Report 2020-2021



2020/2021 is undoubtedly a memorable year of the Staff Club. Throughout the year, we had activated the contingency mode in facing the uncertainty that brought to us by the waves of COVID-19 outbreak. We all remembered that early this year, the University announced the work-from-home policy to reduce the crowdedness inside the Campus, at the same time the new caterer was just marched in to provide F&B services in the Staff Club Restaurant. We negotiated with the caterer to maintain the food provision and decided to distribute $100 coupons to each of our Ordinary Members accordingly so as to keep the customer flow despite the most critical moment.

In facing the ever-changing social situation, the Staff Club has been adapting to a hybrid environment with new operation mode aiming to bring our services to be accessible to as many members as possible. The demand for leisure activities among our members had risen to a peak as a result of the prolonged social distancing guidance. We have no other way but to arrange various online interest classes and staff exercises for our members. Later on with the steadied spread of COVID-19 in the city, our dilemma was to balance the expectation from our stakeholders hoping to enjoy the Club’s services against the unforeseeable wave(s) of pandemic. On the other hand, the University is taking note of the Staff Club’s resilience.

Anyway, during 2020/2021, we have dedicated our energy to achieve our potential. We organized more than 130 events, activities and recreational classes for our Club members and University colleagues. This would not have been possible without the staunch support from our departmental friends and the University in assisting tasks such as venue booking, access permission granting as well as hygiene controlling.

As the Chairman, I would like to acknowledge the good initiatives taken and the hard work done by the Staff Club this year under this daunting circumstances. The following are detailed summaries of our past events and activities, and reports regarding our operations in the year of 2020/2021.


Fitness and Sports

Regular Fitness Courses

Despite the challenges imposed by recent health restrictions, we organized and delivered 80 fitness courses successfully (comprised of 308 individual lessons) over the year, including yoga, Pilates, dance and fitness room introductory course. Up to 700 attendees served and we have received encouraging feedbacks regarding all courses. Additional disinfection had also been arranged in the activity venues so that members could be rest assured to enjoy the courses.


Social Sports Hours

The Social Sports Hours had resumed entirely with table tennis, tennis, squash, badminton, basketball and soccer. Members felt privileged for the prior reservations we made for various sport facilities free for their use. This has proven to be an effective strategy to connect our fellow colleagues under a casual and fun setting, encouraging them to relax and exercise together.


3-week PolyU Jogging Track Challenge

To promote a healthy and energetic life style, the “3-Week Jogging Track Challenge” was completed with positive feedbacks. There were 102 eligible awardees and the number of our Facebook followers climbed a double. We also filmed a video “2-min Exercise Demonstration at PolyU Jogging Track” and broadcasted via our YouTube channel with approximately 500 views.


Member Benefits and Cultural Activities

Staff Club 47th Anniversary & Happy Father’s Day Giveaway

In celebration of the 47th Anniversary of the Club, we offered a giveaway of teabags and drip filter coffee bags coincided with celebration of Father’s Day to PolyU colleagues who followed our Facebook page. A total of 750 participants joined with laughter and joy, and members were so egger to join this event because we had lucky draw for 47 massage guns being given out.


Group Sales & Privilege

In 2020/2021, the Staff Club partnered with 21 external businesses to offer our members with more than 78 kinds of discounts and privileges. In May 2021, we organized a group sale of products including fragrance, skincare products, cosmetics and accessories. Over a hundred of our members made an order of around 520 items and benefited greatly from the sale.


Arts and Cultural Classes

I am pleased to report that the Staff Club had been organizing cultural activities for members to cultivate their art senses and get the opportunity to interact with others. In this year, not only the popular guitar and ukulele courses were organized regularly, but also leisure activities such as different style of flower arrangement, Pastel Nagomi Art, Hand Drip Coffee Brewing and Cake Classes jointly organized with Hotel-ICON were held with overwhelming participations.



Staff Club Restaurant

With the new caterer “Ocean Blue Catering Management Limited” deployed in November 2020, the Staff Club Restaurant had finally settled and been featuring a variety of food choices to members from Asian to Western, and from Café light food to fine dining cuisines. Some renovation works had also been done earlier with new vinyl floor and carpet replacement. After the renovation, we aim to make all guests more comfortable and enjoyable to stay in so as to encourage their returns.

In March, HK$100 Catering Coupon was presented to every Ordinary Member as a Spring Gift. Over 500 members had visited the Restaurant and redeemed the coupons. This promotion activity claimed a success as it’s a win-win for the new caterer to maintain the customer flow and our Club to continue providing service to members even during the work-from-home period.
A Mystery Dinner Activity was then conducted in June to collect members’ feedback towards the food, environment and customer service provided by the caterer. There were in total 156 feedbacks collected and most of the members were more satisfied with the catering services in the Café area then the fine-dining area. Many of them expressed their most preferred cuisine are “Japanese” and Thai”. All in all, the overall rating was acceptable.

To cope with the up-to-date mode of operation of catering premises gazetted by the Government, the Staff Club had been closely monitoring the prevention and control of disease measures as practiced by the caterer in the Staff Club Restaurant to meet the service need without violation to the law. The Restaurant had been operating in Type B and expanded to incorporate Type C and D lately in facing the seasonal peak of Christmas and Lunar New Year gathering.


Membership Number

As of September 2021, the numbers of Ordinary Members and Associate Members of the PolyU Staff Club were 1,736 and 138, respectively. The number of Associate Members had a drastic drop as compared to last fiscal period (i.e. 295) because some of them were eligible to be re-categorized into the new type of membership – Retiree Member, with 199 in number.


Office Staff

This year, we introduced a new position of Club Secretary to manage the administrative and executive aspects for the Club following the leave of the Club Manager. Notwithstanding the change of personnel, it’s time for us to adopt new innovation through new blood. Meanwhile, the team will continue to promote the well-being of club members and foster a sense of belonging among them to the university community through a wide spectrum of activities, membership privileges and quality food and services at the Staff Club Restaurant.


Special Thanks

It is a great pity that I could not be here with you at the AGM physically because of the stringent quarantine requirements. And yet, this would not hinder my appreciation to our stakeholders for their constructively collaboration.

First and foremost, I must express my heartfelt gratitude to all the Club members for their enthusiastic participation in our activities and events in this year. We sincerely appreciate the genuine interest and confidence they have in us. Because of their valuable feedbacks, we were able to improve our services and bring in new activities to meet the needs of our numerous members.

I would like to pay tribute also to the University and the Senior Management for the support and resources allocated on running this exceptional and member-centered Staff Club, especially when we suspended the membership subscription fee this year. With the continuous support and sponsorship from the University, the Club can offer services with reasonable fees for as many activities as possible so we can maximize the overall benefits to our members.

And I must also express my sincere appreciation to colleagues from a number of departments, in particular the Finance Office (FO), Campus Facilities and Sustainability Office (CFSO), Campus Development Office (CDO), Communications and Public Affairs Office (CPA), Cultural Promotion and Events Office (CPEO), Human Resources Office (HRO), Health, Safety & Environment Office (HSEO), Information Technology Services Office (ITS), Student Affairs Office (SAO) and etc.

Being the Chairman, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to all the Committee Members, Sub-Committee Members and Sports Coordinators for their immense effort, unwavering support and advice throughout the past year; in particular, Mr Jones Chung as the Honorary Secretary who also acted as the Acting Chairman during my sabbatical leave, Dr Bruce Li as the Honorary Treasurer, the Sub-Committee Chairman and Chairlady Dr Roy Law and Ms Wanze Li, and Dr Chi Wai Do as the Committee Member for overseeing the Club’s operation. Thank you Dr Carmen Fu as the former Vice Chairlady and Dr KK Leung as the former Committee Member for overseeing all the sports and recreational issues. Besides, I am grateful to Prof CK Chan, Dr Vincent Ng, Dr Sandy Tang, and Ms April Wong for their ideas and insights that made things much easier to proceed in the right direction. Thanks also go to all Sports Coordinators, Mr Jones Chung and Mr Bobby Chui of the soccer team, Mr Edwin Tam and Mr Eros Lee of the basketball team, Mr KK Cheong of the tennis team, Mr Danny Yung and Ms Ann Lui of the table tennis team, Dr Walter Fung of the badminton team, and Ms Juliana Tam and Mr Samy Leung of the squash team.

Most of all, appreciation is also presented to the great deal of effort contributed by our office staff, namely, Mr Fai Lam, Ms Michelle Tam, Ms Janet Siu, Mr Kuen Tse, Ms Angie Ku and Ms Hannah Tse. Running the Club would never be complete without a bunch of highly talented and inspiring team members like them. My heartiest thanks to each one of them for their unparalleled contributions and their dedication to provide excellent services to our members.

Finally, with the return of stability to our community, we will need to grab the chance and work together to bring the best possible version of a Staff Club to life. We joined the Staff Club because we all believe in Staff Club’s value that is to promote and encourage social intercourse within PolyU and between PolyU and the community. As what we have done in the past, we enjoy doing good and making bigger impact for our community. At this critical moment, let us put our acts together to contribute more in PolyU and Hong Kong.

We are one and all. Thank you.


Ir Dr TL Yip

PolyU Staff Club Chairman

on behalf of the PolyU Staff Club Committee

November 2021