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Chairman’s Report 2021-2022



This year marked a special year for the Club to expand, notwithstanding the society having been hit by full force of the epidemic in the first half year. Yet, characteristically, the Club showed its strength. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) community rallied around, and the Club stood together with them.  We continued on, as we have done throughout COVID-19, and in so doing returned a record of over enrolment for more than 95% of events, served over 3,000 person times of Club members. In the context of very challenging circumstances this was a highly creditable performance. Perhaps more importantly, our recreation and sports activities provided a beacon of hope and a welcome source of entertainment for members in difficult times.


We express our heartfelt appreciation to all the stakeholders who have contributed to the development of the Club.  The following are detailed summaries of our past events and activities, and reports regarding our operations in the year of 2021/2022. 



Fitness and Sports

Regular Fitness Courses

The Club is strongly committed to organizing fitness and exercise classes for members. Despite the ongoing challenge of COVID-19, the sports activities continued, and we even added extra sessions for Fitness Room Introductory Course to cope with the high service demand, from originally two courses bi-monthly to three courses monthly. Our regular classes of yoga, slim dance and pilates are still popular, with kick boxing resumed. This year, we specially introduced different newly emerged sports such as roundnet and wiserball to provide members with more choices.


Social Sports Hours

Though a short term suspension during the height of the fifth wave, the Social Sports Hours had resumed entirely with table tennis, tennis, squash, badminton, basketball and soccer in second half of the year. This has proven to be an effective strategy to connect our fellow colleagues under a casual and fun setting, encouraging them to relax and exercise together.


2-week Exercise Challenge

To incentivize members to exercise more given the stabilization of the epidemic, the Club has organized a “2-week Exercise Challenge” which has attracted more than 300 responses, despite typhoon signal No.8 was hoisted during the challenge period. The challenge featured two special awards – “The longest accumulated distance” and “The most number of ’Like‘ Facebook photo”. This event has kicked off members’ long desires for exercising.


PolyU 85A Sportathon

We took the opportunity of this year’s 85th anniversary of The PolyU to tighten the close partnership with PolyU’s unit. The Club has actively supported the Sportathon, initiated in collaboration with the Student Affairs Office (SAO), through sending representing teams to compete in various sports competitions and distributing in-house designed souvenirs to approximately 200 members who participated in this sports fun fair. Notably, one of the highlights was the exhibition football match and the Club’s football team was invited to compete with the team led by PolyU Council Chairman. But equally we must not lose sight of the sports teams’ achievement in different sports competitions – Silver in 5-a-side football, Bronze in 3-on-3 basketball as well as Gold & Bronze in Badminton (Mixed Doubles).


Member Benefits and Cultural Activities

Group Sales of Anti-Epidemic Products

The Club responded rapidly and in scale to the onset of the fifth wave of COVID-19, we have provided our full support from the very beginning, rolling out emergency measures to address members’ immediate needs – group sales of anti-epidemic products including rapid antigen kits and disinfectant products. The Club went steps further, point-to-point home delivery services have also been arranged within few days so that members could stay home to fight for the virus. Cumulatively this have benefited more than 160 members.


Recreation Activities

Turning to recreation activities, the Club has organized series of D.I.Y. workshops that received positive feedbacks, namely, Parent-and-Child Mosaic Lamp Workshop, Fluid Art · Bear Workshop, Planet Candle Workshop and Christmas Wreath Workshop. Meanwhile, we have continued the most popular pastry classes in collaboration with Hotel ICON.


Grand Reunion Dinner

The Club held its Grand Reunion Dinner on 15 October 2022, at which it hosted 120 members and guests at the Silverbox Ballroom in Hotel ICON. The event featured a carnival where game and photo booths were available with a western 6-course set dinner and free-flowing of wine in table for four. The Staff Club Committee presented a simple toasting to all members and guests to thank their support over the past three years under the epidemic. A video – “We are One and All” featuring the development of the Club since establishment was also played. The night had filled with joy and laughter as it had created another remarkable memory in the Club history and everyone set the sight on the exciting years to come.


Staff Club Restaurant

Renovation and Tendering

The resurgent fifth wave has made a significant impact on our Staff Club Restaurant. The Club has made every effort to protect members’ health and safety, as well that of employee and other business partners. Unfortunately, this necessitated the closure of the Club’s Restaurant since February, also in compliance with the Cap. 599F Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises); thereafter happened the contract expiry of the catering services provider in June. In consideration of members’ services need, the Club’s Restaurant is closed presently for a large scale renovation and tendering for new caterer, aiming to serve members with an upgrade of catering experience.


Dining Membership
On the other hand, in line with the strategic development of the Club, an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting was held in June to solicit members’ support on introducing an additional membership type – Dining Member, so as to promote the Club’s restaurant through expanding the eligible patronage. Now, any staff member or any person who is formally affiliated with the PolyU may apply for Dining Membership.


Staff Club Newsletter

Starting from May, we have launched the “Staff Club Newsletter” to engage our members with the Club’s latest updates and development, of which has enabled the strong connectivity with members throughout the year.


Membership Number

As of June 2022, the numbers of Ordinary Members and Associate Members of the PolyU Staff Club were 1,684 and 138 respectively when compared the figures of 1736 and 138 in 2020/2021. We noted that a majority of the Ordinary Membership withdrawal was tied with the change of their PolyU’ s staffing status, whist we have processed approximately 200 new membership applications for this year.


Office Staff

The office team has been working efficiently in running the Club’s daily operation. Currently, the Club has four full time staff members and several part-time helpers who worked extra miles to deliver quality services to Club members. With such an outstanding and devoting team, we have every confidence that the Club is more than ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


Special Thanks

We thank all the Club members for their support and enthusiastic participation in our activities and events in this year.

We extend the gratitude to the management of the PolyU in providing funding support and resource allocation to the Club. We fully understand the ever changing demand from our members. With the continued financial support from the University, it can facilitate duly service to our members and to the PolyU community.

No less essential to the Club’s achievement has been the support provided by PolyU’s units in particular the Finance Office (FO), Campus Facilities and Sustainability Office (CFSO), Campus Development Office (CDO), Information Technology Services Office (ITS), Catering Committee, and SAO. The benefits of this have been manifest throughout the epidemic, but our partners in PolyU have always been of huge assistance in matters large and small. We have no doubt this excellent relationship will continue.

The achievements of the past year did not come easily however. Being the Chair, I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to all the Committee Members and Sub-Committee Members for their immense effort and unwavering support in overseeing the Club’s operation as well as the advice throughout the past year. Besides, I am grateful to our co-opted members and ex-officio member for their guidance and encouragement. My thanks also go to all Sports Coordinators who rejuvenises the Club.

All the above are not possible without our Club staff’s excellent supports. They have overcome many challenges, have worked with dedication, with heart, and truly living up to our Club spirit of “One and All”. They have committed themselves to active communication and collaboration with and among members.

The Club has not let up whatever the challenges of the epidemic. Every one of us have been proactive and continued to plan and act for the long term. Looking forward, through a relentless focus on member-centricity, the Club is launching a new website soon to provide members with a holistic and user friendly platform. And as said, we are also making progress on expanding the Club premises in particular the Restaurant. Nonetheless, we hope this annual report help us to appreciate the contributions of EXCO, members and staff as well as inspire the development of the Club.


Thank you.


Ir Dr TL Yip

PolyU Staff Club Chairman

on behalf of the PolyU Staff Club Committee

November 2022