We showcase some good service-learning programmes implemented by different schools, within or outside Hong Kong here. We hope that other teachers can take inspiration from these successful programmes and start implement service-learning programmes in their own schools.


PolyU X La Salle College: Rwanda solar panel project 2022


United Christian College (Kowloon East): Storybook for Children with Heart Diease 2021-22 


United Christian College (Kowloon East): VR Learning Exerience for the Mentally Handicapped Persons 2021-22 


 La Salle College: Homelessness Project 2021-2022 

Secondary School SL Projects Online Exhibition (2022)

St. Paul's Co-educational College: Sprout (Gold Award)

HKUGA College: Community Engagement Project in HKUGAC (Sliver Award)

La Salle College: Integrating Service-Learning into the formal curriculum (Bronze Award)

Po On Commercial Association Wong Siu Ching Secondary School: The Art of Learning to Live:  Promoting Students' Well-being Through Arts and Service-learning (Bronze Award)

outlined polyu poster

St. Paul's Co-educational College: Edify (Award of Distinction)


St. Paul's Co-educational College: Musicate (Award of Distinction)


St. Paul's Co-educational College: SimplyShare (Award of Distinction)

St. Pauls Co educational College SimplyShare Exhibit Material E Poster

St. Joseph's College: STEM Day (Award of Distinction)

Society of Boys' Centre Hui Chung Sing Memorial School: Plastic Coke Crate Recycling Program (Award of Distinction)

St. Mark's School: Life Memories (Award of Distinction)


Secondary School SL Projects Online Exhibition (2023)

Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club College: 尋寶遊戲之蒲台大冒險 

Caritas Wu Cheng-Chung Secondary School: 社區多元文化大使計劃

La Salle College: Homelessness

Sacred Heart Canossian College: 心繫童樂頌南區

St. Francis' Canossian College: 我與老友的約會

La Salle College: Building an inclusive world

St. Francis' Canossian College: 服務智力障礙及特殊人群計劃


St. Francis' Canossian College: 半空中的約會

St. Joseph's College: No Eggcuses, Let's Enjoy Our Sweet Eggscape!

SJC No Eggcuses Lets Enjoy Our Sweet Eggscape Ming Yan Wendy Wong 1


CCC Kei To Secondary School: 讓愛樂在土瓜灣