Visit our Online Exhibition for Secondary School Service-Learning or Community Service Project here.

This year, we have a total 19 exhibits from 14 secondary schools. The exhibits are uploaded to our virtual interactive platform, so that you interact with others with your avatar while viewing the excellent works of these participating schools. You can also learn more about PolyU service-learning at this virtual world.

Here’re steps to start navigate around the virtual world here


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Our online exhibition will last for 6 months starting from November 2022 to May 2023.

Three Awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze) for Outstanding SL Projects and community service projects will be selected, and cash prizes of HK$10,000, HK$8,000, and HK$5,000 and trophies will be given to the schools as a token of recognition. Certificates will also be issued to all awarded and shortlisted team members as recognition.


20 Jul – 16 Sep 2022 

Call for applications 

19 – 23 Sep 2022 

Announce shortlisted results  

26 Sep – 31 Oct 2022 

Shortlisted teams submit exhibit materials 

Mid-Late Nov 2022

Announce awarded teams

Nov 2022 – May 2023

Online exhibition



We invite submissions presenting SL projects and/or other community service projects with secondary school students: 

  1. Service-Learning projects or community service projects:

All curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular projects completed in the past 5 years will be eligible. 

  1. Products for serving the community:

Products which have been used or will be used to serve people in need or the community at large.  

  1. Virtual community engagement or SL proposals:

Proposals on innovative virtual community engagement or SL initiatives, especially for those aiming to address the problems caused by the COVID-19.  

 * Projects or products which are awarded in any competitions will be considered. However, declaration must be made, and copyright release must be obtained from the copyright holder for publicizing in the event.  


Presentation Format: 

(text and/or graphics) 

Details of the poster and video requirements (e.g., dimensions, required contents, formats) will be sent with the announcement of shortlisted results. 

(narrated PowerPoint presentation or movie) 

* Each project can only be presented in one format.



English. Applications in Chinese with an English abstract will also be considered.


Selection Criteria: 

Any application with a service project/product/proposal meeting one or more of the followings will be selected: 

  • It demonstrates a tangible/sustainable impact or potential on improving people’s quality of life or making positive change to the community. 
  • It demonstrates a substantial impact/potential on developing SL learners’ citizenship. 
  • It is innovative in nature and can be transferred, adapted, replicated in other places. 
  • It provides some insights or good practices in executing quality SL projects. 


E-poster/ Video Selection Criteria: 

Criteria Details  Percentages (100%)
  • Apply academic knowledge into the project (20%)
  • Impact on community (20%)
  • Project planning or execution (20%)
    • Concrete and feasible plan
    • Quality of deliverables
  • Creativity (10%)
  • Clarity and relevancy (15%)
  • Organization (10%)
  • Aesthetic (5%)