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研究委員會 (RC)


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Research Committee (RC), a Committee of the Senate, is responsible for, amongst other things, developing research policies, regulations and procedures; allocating research funds; and monitoring the progress and quality of research. Nominated Faculty staff are appointed as members of this committee for a fixed term of office.


Chairman Senior Management Executive overseeing research, appointed by the Chairman of Senate

The Chairmen of all Faculty/School Research Committees

Dean of Graduate School

Two senior academic staff members, appointed by the Chairman of Senate

Secretary A member of staff from the Research and Innovation Office, appointed by the Director of Research and Innovation

Terms of Reference

  • To be responsible to Senate for matters pertaining to research.
  • To develop research policies, regulations and procedures for approval by Senate and to oversee their implementation.
  • To allocate research funding to Departments and Faculties.
  • To monitor the progress and quality of research activities, with the support of Faculty Research Committees, School Research Committees and Departmental Research Committees.
  • To monitor support services provided for academic and research staff.
  • To make decision on special cases pertaining to research that are not in line with the rules / regulations.
  • To submit an annual report to Senate covering the Committee's activities for the previous 12 months from 1st July to 30th June. 

Schedule of Meetings

No. of Meeting Date
282nd 26 January 2022, Wednesday
283rd 18 March 2022, Friday
12 May 2022, Thursday
15 September 2022, Thursday
17 November 2022, Thursday
10 February 2023, Friday

Agenda and Minutes

Please click here to access the agenda and minutes of RC meetings.

Last update: 13 Mar 2023