PolyU Admission Seminar Series (Sep & Oct 2020)

Take this chance to understand your future study and opportunities in PolyU with our officers and faculty members! Register Now!

Interested in pursuing your higher education in Asia? It’s time to plan ahead! PolyU Global Engagement Office will host an admission seminar series from 29 Sep.


PolyU Admission Seminar Series (Sep and Oct)

Platform: Zoom (an invitation link will reach you upon registration)

Students, parents, counsellors and teachers are all welcome! Please register by completing this online form. Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us at international.study@polyu.edu.hk.

For other event dates, please visit our website at https://www.polyu.edu.hk/geo/news-and-events/events/.

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Session 1: Tuesday, 29-Sep 2020, 1700-1800 GMT+8 (Mandarin)
Session 2: Wednesday, 30-Sep 2020, 1700-1800 GMT+8 (English)
Session 3: Wednesday, 30-Sep 2020, 2200-2300 GMT+8 (English)
Session 4: Wednesday, 7-Oct 2020, 1700-1800 GMT+8 (English)
Session 5: Wednesday, 14-Oct 2020, 1700-1800 GMT+8 (English)
Session 6: Thursday, 15-Oct 2020, 1700-1800 GMT+8 (Mandarin)
Session 7: Wednesday, 21-Oct 2020, 1700-1800 GMT+8 (English)
Session 8: Wednesday, 28-Oct 2020, 0600-0700 GMT+8 (English)
Session 9: Wednesday, 28-Oct 2020, 1700-1800 GMT+8 (English)
Session 10: Thursday, 29-Oct 2020, 1700-1800 GMT+8 (Mandarin)

Disclaimer: The information collected in this form will be kept strictly confidential and used for informing you admission-related information and the latest PolyU news.

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