CAPS Mainland WIE 2019

Before you proceed, please prepare the following documents for this online application:


1. Passport / HKID

2. CV in English *renamed as “StudentID_EngCV”

3. CV in Simplified Chinese *renamed as “StudentID_SCCV”
(For 3, click HERE to download Chinese CV template, all content in the CV must be in Simplified Chinese, please see example)


When you upload the documents, please note that:

- The size of each file should not exceed 3 MB
- For item 2, 3: The file should be in “.doc” or “.docx” format

WIE application 2019

Privacy statement

This application form aims at collecting personal information for application of Mainland WIE programme(s) 2019 organized by Office of Careers and Placement Services (CAPS). Information obtained will be passed to appointed employers for recruitment purposes. Information collected will be kept strictly confidential.


Important message

1. Application will not be processed if information or required document is missing.

2. Students are welcome to apply for more than ONE CAPS WIE programme. To simplify the recruitment process, students would only need to attend for interview for once only.

I understand and agree the above rules and regulations

Please select the WIE programme(s) that you would like to apply:

CAR & Nanjing WIE
CAR & Xi’an WIE
Beijing Innovation WIE
Beijing WIE
Connect with Alumni, Explore WIE
Exploring Chinese WIE through Hong Kong Enterprises
Fudan University WIE
The Greater Bay Area Internship programme (Shenzhen)
See the World through MNC WIE
Shanghai Banking & Finance WIE
Shanghai Jiao Tong University WIE
Shanghai WIE
Zhongguancun Science Park WIE
Zhoushan WIE

Any job preference:

CAR Subject

Have you completed CAR subject on History, Cultures and World Views (area C)?

Do you wish to enroll in CAR C and WIE in one summer?

Have you completed CAR subject on Science, Technology and Environment (area D)?

Do you wish to enroll in CAR D and WIE in one summer?

Part A [Personal Particulars]

Student ID:

Surname: (As shown in passport/HKID)

Given Name: (As shown in passport/HKID)

Chinese Name:

 Please input “NA” if you do not have one

Mobile phone no. in Hong Kong:


Are you under 18 years old? (on or before 30 April 2019)

Are you a Hong Kong permanent resident?

Passport Type:

HKSAR Passport
Others (Please specify:)

Part B [Education Details]

Year of Study:

Expected Year of Graduation:

Part C [Work-Integrated Education (WIE)]

Your WIE requirement is

 Please check with your academic department about your WIE requirement

Per WIE Requirement Unit


Are you going to use this internship to (partially/ completely) fulfill the WIE requirement?

 If you are not going to use this internship to fulfill the WIE requirement, you will not be eligible to receive sponsorship and thus have to bear the full cost of the internship.

Have you fulfilled all the minimum WIE requirements set by your faculty/department yet?

Part D [Language/ Professional Skills]

Please state the Language Skills that you have:

Please state any other languages and level that you have:

Please state any Professional Skills that you have:

Graphic Design

Part E [Summer Engagement]

Besides WIE, do you have any other plans in coming May – Aug 2019?

Part F [Eligibility & Programme Fee]

1. Eligibility

  • Students of UGC-funded full-time undergraduate degree programmes.
  • Students who are in need of WIE fulfillment for graduation in 2020 will be given higher priorities.


2. Programme Fee and Financial Subsidy

  • Before submitting your application, students should pay attention to the programme fee as stated.
  • Students under the UGC-funded full-time undergraduate degree programmes (non-foundation/non-final year) will be eligible to apply for Offshore WIE Sponsorship (OWS).

I have read this agreement and agree to the terms and conditions.

Part G [Upload documents]

CV in English

 *rename as “StudentID_EngCV”

CV in Simplified Chinese

 *rename as “StudentID_SCCV”

Part H [Preferences]

Affordable Budget (Programme Fee)

HKD 0 – 2,500
HKD 2,500 – 10,000
HKD 10,000- 20,000
HKD 20,000 – 40,000
HKD 40,000 or above

Preferences (pick first 3 prorities and indicate accordingly)

*The priorities you have listed will be one of the considering factors during the matching process, but there is no guarantee your expectations will be fulfilled. It is subject to position availability, your qualifications fit and the employer’s feedback towards your employability.

Short distance to work
Strong guidance by supervisor
Famous company
Cheap living expenses
Strong relevance to major
Opportunities to meet clients
Possibility to go for business trip
Location: Mainland / Overseas

Part I [Declaration]

  1. I understand that PolyU has the right to verify my personal data provided and I authorize the officer(s) handling this application to cross check all of the above information with relevant parties.
  2. I authorize CAPS to extract my academic results in Semester 1, 2018/19 from Academic Secretariat (AS) for processing my application.
  3. I understand that if I give any false information or withhold any relevant information, I shall render myself liable to the rejection of the application.

declare that the above information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief