Guide to OBE
Developing a Programme Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan

Purpose and Scope of this Guide
Why do We Need a Programme LOAP?
What is a Programme Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan (LOAP)?

Put simply, a programme LOAP is a blueprint for finding answers to the following questions:

  • What do we expect graduates from our programmes at PolyU to be able to do (i.e., the programmes' intended learning outcomes)?
  • How will we know if they can actually do it?
  • What changes will need to be made to the programme to enhance our effectiveness in helping our students to achieve the intended learning outcomes?

A successful implementation of an effective programme LOAP should be able to provide us with credible evidence to tell:

  • What proportion of our graduates is able to achieve the professional and generic competencies at a standard appropriate for an entry-level professional in their chosen field?
  • Which of the learning outcomes of our programme have been achieved satisfactorily and which outcomes need improving?
  • What improvement actions should we take to enhance programme effectiveness? What data can we use to inform the decision, and how?

In a programme LOAP our focus is on evaluating the overall effectiveness of the programme, rather than assessing the performance of individual students.