Guide to OBE
Defining Intended Learning Outcomes [ILOs]


Is your outcome statement a good one?
Does it relate / contribute to (i.e. align with) your programme outcomes?
Is your outcome statement student-focused rather than teacher-focused?
Is your outcome statement focusing on the learning rather than the learning activity?
Is your outcome statement using verbs that are performable?
Does your statement give sufficient details for subject teachers to work on their teaching and
assessment design?
Is your set of programme outcomes a good one?
Is it representative of a programme that develops all-round students with professional
competence (i.e. is it in alignment with the Universityˇ¦s objectives)?
Does it meet the requirements of relevant professional bodies as an accredited training
programme to that profession?
Is it of a manageable size and there is no unnecessary overlapping among outcomes?
Can the list of outcomes be easily understood by those who may read it (teachers, students,
employers, administrators etc)?