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ICUI 2019, 24-26 June, The Hong Kong Pol…

Welcome to the 2nd International Conference on Urban Informatics, ICUI 2019! The first ICUI was sucessfully held at PolyU in November...


Event Sponsors

The Croucher Foundation Limited; and  Faculty of Construction and Environment, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University



The 2nd International Conference on Urban Informatics: 21 & 22 Jun (Fri and Sat) - Pre-Conference Workshop: "Advanced Training in Smart Cities" (Poster) at PolyU[Training fee: HK$900] 24-26 Jun (Mon - Wed) - ICUI 2019 at PolyU (Poster)[HK$4,000 (Regular)  |  HK$3,000 (Early Bird by 15 May 2019)  |  HK$1,500 (Students)] 27 Jun (Thu) - Post-Conference Workshop at Shenzhen[Transportation fee: HK$400] (Participants please apply visa in advance if necessary) *Please note that the LSGI Alumni Forum on 23 June was rescheduled.     Theme sections: (1) Urban Science and Systems; (2) Urban Sensing; (3) Urban Big Data Infrastructure; (4) Urban Computing;  (5) Urban Problems and Possible Solutions; and (6) Smart Cities    REGISTER NOW!