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Industrial Session 2 - Closing Plenary Forum required separate registration here.

Industrial Session 1.1 

Topic: Smart Port Development

Co-organizer: Institute of Seatransport, Hong Kong Logistics Management Staff Association

The session will focus on smart port development. The Forum invited an array of panelists from different backgrounds and disciplines to join the panel discussion. Panelists will share insights on the latest global trends and actual cases.

Chair & Moderator :

 Profile Pic Sunny Ho Crop  Mr. Sunny HO, JP, MH, FCILT - Chairman of the Hong Kong Management Staff Association 


Panelists :

 Profile Pic Philip Ho Crop

Mr. Philip HO, CEO, OnePort

Topic: Smart Port – the Broader and Narrower Perspectives

 Profile Pic Eric Jin Crop

Mr. Eric JIN, Head of Investment Support, Critical Infrastructure, Asia Pacific of BMT

Topic: Trend of Green Shipping and Smart Ports Development.

 Profile Pic Catherine Chow Crop

Ms. Catherine CHOW, PR Director, Group Marketing and Commercial Department, China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited

Topic: China Merchants Smart Port Solution and Application

Session Details & Panelists Profile

Industrial Session 1.2 

Topic: Interdisciplinary Maritime Practice Workshop (IMP) - Instrument against Adversity

Co-organizer: Institute of Seatransport, Hong Kong Logistics Management Staff Association

A brief introduction of the Interdisciplinary Learning & Interlink (IDL/ILI) Methodology (IDLIM) as applied to Maritime Practice on both the micro and macro level, and how the IMP is applied by experts in each profession of maritime practice in resolving problems. The IDL/ILI Methodology is modeled after the Renaissance polymath ideal of being learned in the "Arts, Letters & Sciences".

A panel of professionals will be formed, and four of them from the core professions of shipowner & shipmanagement, marine insurance, legal service, and shipbroking, will make a quick presentation of 10 minutes in respect of the changes in their professions since 2018 to the present, and how their profession views the future in the aftermath of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the ensuing Greater Depression (as distinct from the Great Depression 1929), and changes in global political economic landscape like the Ukraine War. They will engage all participants of the session in an open forum discussion in an illustration of the application of the IDLIM, in a synthesis of theory and practice.


Mr. Raymond T.C. WONG, Emeritus Chairman of IoS and Honorary Advisor of HKLMSA


Mr. WONG Cho Hor, Executive Member of HKLMSA


Panelists :

Mr.Thomas W.C.CHEUNG, Executive Chairman – CTX Special Risks Limited

Capt. ZHOU Jianfeng, Managing Director, Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings Ltd

Mr. Simon D.L. CHENG, Solicitor & Chairman of Institute of Seatransport

Mr. Anthony C.P. TAI, Divisional Director Clarksons Platou Hong Kong

Prof. Chin-Shan LU, Director of ICMS & Chairman of China Maritime Institute in Taiwan

Capt. Richard J. GAINS, Director, Aqualis Braemar LOC Group

Mr.Manson S.M.CHEUNG, Vice Chair of HKLMSA, ICSHK & IoS

Dr.Ranjan VARGHESE, CEO Steel Ships Ltd. Hong Kong

Session Details & Panelists Profile

Industrial Session 2 - Closing Plenary Forum

Topic: Emerging Extended Reality and Innovative Technologies for Smart Transport and Logistics

Co-organizer: Policy Research Institute of Global Supply Chain, Virtual Reality Centre (The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong)


Required separate registration here.

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