Helping Students to Become Self-regulated Learners

Learning Review Table
One of the first tools applied in a classroom scenario in an integrated manner, Learning Review Table was chosen for its simplicity and effectiveness in engaging students in reviewing their own understanding of the subject matter as well as developing their ability in asking questions.
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Question Asking Guide
The Question-Asking Guide is a tool designed to empower students with the ability to evaluate and improve their questions in mind, hence become independent thinkers. It involves a re-iterative process of generating questions on a topic, evaluating, and rewriting them until satisfaction is reached.
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Think-of-Your-Thinking Worksheet
The worksheet requires students to actively record down both their reasoning and difficulties encountered while they are trying to solve a problem. This conveys the prominent message of both the solution and reasoning behind the solution are equally informing in the course of learning.
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Reflective Learning Journal
A popular means to learn about one!|s own learning, Reflective Learning Journal is a useful companion to students on their way to becoming independent learners by providing space for understanding learnt materials and learning in context of the ever-changing world and personal development.
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