- How to connect to BI and SRS at home? (For staff)

Business Admin Applications

For existing BI & SRS users, you need first to: 

  1. Install the PolyU VPN software, "Pulse Secure", on your home desktop machine.  Details could be found at the service webpage;
    • To setup VPN for this type, note with the following:
      • Profile name to be created: Admin VPN
      • Server URL: https://vpn.polyu.edu.hk
  2. Install MFA (Multi-Factors Authentication) mobile app, "Microsoft Authenticator", on a mobile/tablet. Details could be found at FAQ: What is PolyU Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

 After completing the above, follow the steps below:


Connect to PolyU Network with VPN + MFA:

  1. Start "Pulse Secure" on your home desktop machine and connect to PolyU with your NetID / NetPassword
  2. The VPN client will prompt for a "Enter Your Microsoft verification code":
    • On your mobile/tablet, start "Microsoft Authenticator"
    • Click on "The Hong Kong Polytechnic ..."
    • Enter the 6-digit password displayed on your home desktop machine
  3. Once VPN is connected successfully, you may access BI & SRS with a web browser


BI: https://www53.polyu.edu.hk:8443/BOE/BI

SRS: https://www39.polyu.edu.hk/asadmin

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