- How to connect to vAdmin at home? (For staff)

Business Admin Applications

vAdmin service allow legacy business admin applications which require client side software to be extended to general desktop / laptop without the pre-requisite client side software environment.  User can leverage office or home machine browser to access PolyU vSCC and vAdmin portal https://vdesk.polyu.edu.hk/access and pick vadmin1 or vadmin 2

To enhance security and ensure confidential information stay within campus, vadmin service has imposed restriction on data download to remote user machine with access limited to "view only" on the virtual Windows Desktop running on campus

Business Intelligence Tool for FO
FO MPF System
AS Timetabling System
Self-financing SPEED Overseas Student Management System
Self-financing SPEED Short Course Student Management System
FO Budget Management System
FO Payroll & Supplementary Payment System (PolyU)
Self-financing CPCE Payroll & Supplementary Payment System
HRO Medical Scheme System 

For Mac user, you may need to install Microsoft Remote Desktop client from App Store and follow the setup guide below,

https://www2.polyu.edu.hk/PolyU/General_Notices/VSCC_Setup_Guide.pdf to connect vSCC to use vAdmin programs.


Other Admin Applications:

For Admin Applications that requires MFA VPN, please refers to FAQ: How to connect to Admin Applications at home that requires MFA VPN

Other Applications working environment, please refers to FAQ: Systems access approach at off-campus network

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