- How can I connect to my office PC remotely to retrieve my data? (For staff and Research Student)

Network - Remote Desktop

- Your office machine MUST be powered on.

- If your machine is NOT domain joined:

  • Its "Remote Desktop" service MUST be enabled
  • Its "Remote Desktop Users" setting MUST have been configured

You need to register your office machine for remote access from off-campus first. Please submit your request to itopenvw@polyu.edu.hk with the following information:

  • Your NetID
  • Reason for remote access
  • IT number of your computer (for domain joined machine)
  • IP Address

Please cc your HoD when sending the request (note: for research student, please cc to your Principle Invigilator or Coaching Professor).

We'll email to confirm once your request is processed.


Make a connection to your office desktop

  1. Install the PolyU VPN software in your home desktop;
  2. For Mac users, you may also need to install a Remote Desktop (RDP) software in your home desktop;
  3. Start the "Global Protect VPN" and connect to PolyU;
  4. Once the "Global Protect VPN" connected successfully, start the RDP software;
    • For Windows, look for the built-in application "Remote Desktop Connection".  Type in your registered office machine's IP address in "Computer" and login with your NetID and NetPassword;
    • For Mac, use the Remote Desktop software installed above.  Add a new "PC" with your registered office machine's IP address in "PC name" and login with your NetID and NetPassword;
  5. When prompt for login, please use your NetID and NetPassword;
  6. Please do NOT restart / shut down your office machine remotely, as it may result your office unreachable.
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