- How to forward my office phone number to an external number? (For staff)

Office Phone

CISCO IP Phones (phones installed before 2018)

For CISCO users, please submit your request to itopenvw@polyu.edu.hk or www.polyu.edu.hk/hots with your NetID, office extension number and an external number to be forwarded to.


Deltapath IP Phones (phones installed after 2018)

For Deltapath users, you may setup a forwarding number remotely at https://polyuipt.polyu.edu.hk/ (with your 4 digits office extension and the Deltapath password*).  Alternatively, you may install a Deltapath mobile app on your mobile device to receive incoming calls to your office extension directly: 

* Please refer to the service webpage for how to retreive / reset your Deltapath password.



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