2018 Hong Kong PolyU Winter School®


Management of Luxury Hospitality Brand


14-15 December 2018 (Friday, Saturday)


Prof Denis Morisset

ESSEC Business School


The concept of luxury brand management has become increasingly inspirational throughout all hospitality industry sectors. This module will revisit the key pillars of luxury brand management and explain how this industry is successful at creating and selling long lasting dreams, building strong emotional connections with luxury clients, retaining loyal VIP customers and delivering value while charging significant price premiums. It will give the participants a mix of tools and tips to strengthen their marketing strategies, push the boundaries of the luxury guest experience, adapt to evolving luxury consumer expectations though new branding approach. It will also cover the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing for luxury hotel brands. This module will also include a chapter on crossovers and brand collaborations, and how relevant collaborations can help luxury hotels and resorts enhance their uniqueness and legitimate new facets of luxury guest experience. This part will be illustrated by case studies on branded residences, fashion designers, architects, F&B, and spa collaborations.