Professor Denis Morisset

ESSEC Business School

Denis Morisset obtained a Master degree from Essec Business School in 1979. He then worked 25 years in the luxury industry and occupied CEO/COO positions for international luxury brands such as Pierre Balmain, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani.


In 2004, he became consultant for luxury groups and a professor of practice specialized in luxury brand management in Essec Business School. He created the luxury hotel management track of Essec MBA in Hospitality Management and was the executive director of Essec MBA in International luxury brand management.


Since 2011, Denis is based in China and delivers Luxury Executive programs in the region, in Singapore Essec Asian campus or with partners of Essec Business School such as Peking University and the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


He is regularly invited by luxury hotel brands to deliver conferences and workshops on luxury hotel brand management and luxury guest experience. He is also collaborating with the Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT) on luxury branding workshops for independent luxury Thai hotel and resort brands. His current research on the art of collaborations include several chapters on how collaborations, including online collaborations around digital marketing, can help luxury hotels and resorts enhance their uniqueness and legitimate new facets of luxury guest experience.