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Research Grants



Research Grants Council - General Research Fund (GRF)

Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
Measuring Housing Market Risk with REIT Options Prof. Cao Jie, Jay 0.91M
What Drives Prominent Anomaly Returns using Variance and Covariance Decompositions: An International Study Prof. Wei Kuo-chiang 0.53M
Redact to benefit? Opportunistic insider trading and contract redactions Prof. Su Nancy Lixin 0.32M
Bond ETF, Mispricing, and Divergence of Interests Dr Xia Shixiang 0.46M
Does tax deductibility distort the incentive compensation system? Evidence from of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 Dr Zhang Yong 0.43M
The Compensation Peer Group Development in an ESG Era: The case of ESG pay and Relative Performance Evaluation (RPE) Dr Sun Chengzhu 0.35M
Do Analysts Value ESG Innovation? -Evidence from the US Patent "Lottery" Dr Ma Yujing 0.21M
Leverage Adjustment to Carbon Taxes Dr Yip Chi Man 0.24M
The Externality Effect of Disclosure Regulation on the Patent Market: Evidence from the SEC’s New Rules on Material Contract Redaction Dr Li Qin 0.47M
Does Government Subsidy Above or Below Operating Income Matter to Investors? Evidence from Chinese Accounting Standard No.16 Prof. Wu Qiang 0.33M
Does proxy access have career consequences for directors? Dr Zhang Shuran 0.21M
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Pricing and Consumer Recognition under Social Interactions Dr Xiao Guang 0.5M
Data-Driven Risk-Averse Operations for Autonomous Electrified Mobility Systems Dr Pan Kai 0.63M
Portfolio Selection with an Aspiration Level and Endogenous Success Rate Prof. Song Miao 0.44M
Data-Driven Algorithms for Multi-Product Inventory Systems with Non-Stationary Demand Dr Bu Jinzhi 0.47M
The Impacts of Noisy Certifications and Price Signaling on Green Product Strategies Dr Guo Xiaomeng 0.63M
Optimal Dynamic Pricing with Consumer Satiation Effects Dr Liu Yan 0.41M
Managing Presales with Two Payments When Consumers are Time-Inconsistent Dr Kuang Yunjuan 0.59M
Assessing the Merits and Problems of Adopting Market-Based Measures in Reducing Marine Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Local, Regional and International Levels Prof. Zhu Ling 0.87M
Department of Management and Marketing
The Impacts of Team Collaborations and Revenue Sharing on the Productivity of Financial Advisors in the Wealth Management Market Dr Yang Bicheng 0.52M
Determinants of Cross-Network Effects in Two- Sided Markets: A Study of Multiple Online Recruitment Platforms Dr Yao Dai 0.65M
Beauty in Averageness: Influencer Marketing Spend and Content Creativity Prof. Gu Flora Fang 0.56M
Display More or Less? An Investigation of Digital Product Previews Dr Feng Yue 0.42M
Adaptations of Multiteam Systems in Response to Changes: A Field Investigation in A Nuclear Power Plant Prof. Liu Wu 0.64M
The Dark Route to Effective Altruism Dr Bai Feng 0.62M

Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
Short sellers' private information acquisition: Evidence from FOIA requests Prof. Su Nancy Lixin 0.34M
Reverse the revolving door: an examination of auditor’s “boomerang” experience from private to public accounting Dr Fan Yangyang 0.67M
Supplier Cyber Risks and Customer-Supplier Relationships Prof. Saffar Walid 0.33M
Earnings for compensation and earnings for valuation – how and why are they different? Dr Zhang Yong 0.48M
The Impact of Mandated Climate Risk Disclosure Prof. Ng Jeffrey Tee Yong 0.43M
Economic Consequences of Shortening Audit Independence Period: Evidence from IPO underpricing Prof. Wu Qiang 0.62M
Financial Market Perceptions of Crash Risk and the Pricing of Stocks: An International Study Prof. Wei Kuo-chiang 0.6M
Repairing reputation via stock repurchase – Evidence around the World Dr Xie Jing 0.41M
The Spillover Effects of Mandated Climate Risk Disclosure: The Bond Ownership Channel Dr Yang Nan 0.66M
Secrets Behind Body Language: A Deep Learning Approach to Understanding Executives’ Motion and Financial Predictions Dr Zhuang Yunhui Vincent 0.47M
Measuring Market Power and Profitability with Intangibles: A Unified Approach Dr Chen Te-Feng 0.68M
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Container Port Congestion: Monitoring, Resilience, and Countermeasures Dr Yang Dong 0.7M
Adapting to Time-Inconsistent Consumer Behavior: Pricing and Product Design Prof. Jiang Li 0.48M
Evaluating green practices and their performance value in Chinese logistics industry Prof. Lai Kee-hung 0.57M
Demand Information Acquisition for Innovative Products: Impact on Supplier Capacity Investment and Pricing Decisions Prof. Wang Yulan 0.46M
Resource Allocation and Capacity Investment for Epidemic Control Prof. Song Miao 0.53M
A Model of Coalition Reward Programs Dr Liu Yan 0.52M
Aircraft bellies, do they matter for passengers? Dr Czerny Achim 0.74M
A Critical Assessment of the Potential and Problems of the Application of the Polluter- Pays Principle (PPP) in Controlling Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions from Shipping Dr Zhu Ling 0.69M
Department of Management and Marketing
It takes two to Tango: A study on the impact of personal chemistry between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs on investment collaboration using digital footprints Dr Ou Yi Amy 0.55M
Capitalizing Visual Social Media Content by Artificial Intelligence in the Attention Economy Dr Li Yijing 0.36M
Duchenne Smiles Reduce Extrinsic Rewards from Customers in Pay-What-You-Want Business Settings Dr Yao Dai 0.59M
Ageing Better and Embracing New Things: The Impact of Technology Anthropomorphism on Older Consumers’ Willingness to Adopt Dr Chen Fangyuan 0.38M

Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
Heartbeats and ETF Tax Deferral Dr Park Seongkyu 0.62M
Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility Criteria into Executive Compensation and Its Capital Market Consequences Prof. Tsang Albert Hiu-leong 0.63M
Private Equity Rent-Seeking in Healthcare Dr Yang Nan 0.89M
Shareholder connection, corporate risk-taking, and debt financing Dr Zhang Shuran 0.3M
Profit and Risk of Structured Equity Products: The Issuers' Perspective Dr Li Gang 0.58M
Aggregate Market Disagreement and Corporate Investments: International Evidence Prof. Wei Kuo-chiang 0.87M
Value relevance of adjusted EBITDA in a low interest environment Dr Yang Shuo 0.39M
The Influence of Supply Chain Contract Characteristics on Audit Outcomes Dr Frost Tracie 0.28M
The COVID-19 pandemic and banks’ current expected credit losses Prof. Ng Jeffrey Tee Yong 0.45M
Tax Scrutiny and Firm (Non-)disclosure: Evidence from Redacted IP License Agreements Dr Li Qin 0.46M
The Impact of IFRS 9 on Banks’ Management Earnings Forecasts Dr Wang Chong 0.39M
Natural Disasters and Investment Performance Dr Zhao Jing 0.46M
Applying Machine Learning Methods to Forecast Long-term Earnings Dr Zhao Jingran 0.42M
The Jones Model Reconfigured: Asset vs. Liability Accruals Prof. Ohlson James A. 0.63M
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Ship Inspection Planning in Maritime Transportation: Effective Targeting of Substandard Ships and Efficient Routing of Inspectors Dr Wang Shuaian 0.68M
Pareto efficient regulatory schemes for ride-sourcing markets Dr Ke Jintao 0.91M
Developing a collision risk assessment system for heterogeneous ships Dr Yip Tsz Leung 0.5M
Performance value of green supply chain innovation under two institutional arrangements Prof. Lai Kee-hung 0.76M
Unethical Behavior in Service Industries: Occurrence, Nature and Extent Prof. Jiang Li 0.5M
Data-Driven Resilience Design for Integrated Grid and Mobility Systems Dr Pan Kai 0.76M
Studies of abandonment in stochastic service systems through diffusion approximation Dr Ye Hengqing 0.56M
The cost of regulation: How use-it-or-lose-it changes airline schedules Dr Czerny Achim 0.6M
Strategic product-fit revelation in the presence of network effect Dr Guo Xiaomeng 0.63M
Strategic Operations Management of IoT-Enabled After-Sales Services with Dual Accuracy and Security Concerns Prof. Ng Daniel Chi-to 0.66M
Multi-Channel Retailing in the Presence of Consumer Heterogeneity and Fairness Concern Dr Xiao Guang 0.61M
The Era of Intelligent Machines: Do Manufacturing Firms Really Improve Operational Efficiency with Artificial Intelligence Investments? Prof. Yeung Andy C. L. 0.66M
Operating On-Demand Vehicle Sharing Systems: Opportunities and Challenges Dr Wu Shining 0.72M
Legal Issues in the Use of Electronic Bills of Lading: Challenges and Prospects for China Dr Zhu Ling 0.75M
Department of Management and Marketing
Peer-to-peer Gratitude Expression and Work Network Evolvement: A Dynamic Social Network Perspective Prof. Liu Wu 0.6M
Time Scarcity and Consumer Reaction to Product Aesthetics Prof. Jiang Yuwei 0.44M
Unveiling the Role of Mutual Disclosure and Content Consensus in Online Group Conversations Dr Feng Yue 0.36M
Taking a person-centered and dynamic approach to status attainment: A latent profile analysis Dr Bai Feng 0.23M

Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
Does cyber risk stifle innovation? Dr Kim Jungmin 0.25M
Compensation-driven classification shifting and its implications for earnings properties Dr Zhang Yong 0.38M
The Revolving Door in Banking Regulation and Accounting Quality Dr Wang Chong 0.41M
Can fund disclosure improve regulatory oversight?: Evidence from Investment Reporting Modernization Rules Dr Nam Jonathan Sangwook 0.44M
US Monetary Policy and Cross-Sectional Stock Returns Around the World Dr Chue Timothy Kwing-hung 0.38M
Assessing asset pricing models using exchange-traded funds: International evidence Prof. Wei Kuo-chiang 0.68M
Learning by Doing: Evidence from Analyst Teams Dr Du Qianqian 0.38M
What drives short-term return reversal around the world? Dr Chui Chun Wai Andy 0.64M
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Efficiency and stability of liner shipping alliances in parallel networks Dr Luo Meifeng 0.61M
Responsible production and financial performance under different operating environment conditions Prof. Lai Kee-hung 0.6M
Exclusion or Inclusion? When a Critical Component Supplier Meets a Manufacturer with Component-Making Ability Dr Wang Yulan 0.68M
Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Product Line Design Dr Guo Xiaomeng 0.61M
Data-Driven Planning for Smart Vehicle-Grid Integration Systems Dr Pan Kai 0.67M
A Model of Credit Refund Policy Dr Liu Yan 0.42M
Study of Signalling Game in Queueing Systems Prof. Guo Pengfei 0.53M
Supply Risk Mitigation in a Decentralized Supply Chain: Postponing Price or Postponing Payment? Dr Xiao Guang 0.38M
Design and Analysis of Maintenance Services with Imperfect Online Monitoring: Tradeoff among Online Monitoring Accuracy, Congestion Level and Investment Cost Prof. Ng Daniel Chi-to 0.64M
Optimal tournament durations: the longer, the better? Dr Czerny Achim 0.4M
Department of Management and Marketing
Good citizens or good citizens under pressure: An examination of newcomer helping behavior in reaction to veteran helping norms Dr Lin Jia 0.5M

Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
Algos in corporate bond markets Dr Park Seongkyu 0.59M
Analyst Following and Product Recall Dr Chen Yangyang 0.5M
Credit Market Sentiment and the Debt Trap Prof Lin Ji-chai 0.39M
Term Structure of Equity in the Cross Section Dr Li Gang 0.61M
AX-CAPM: Anchoring, Extrapolation, and Return Predictability Dr Chen Te-Feng 0.48M
Does portfolio disclosure make money smarter? Dr Kang Byoung Uk 0.56M
The effect of financial analysts' recommendations on mutual fund voting - Evidence from proxy contests Dr Xie Jing 0.5M
Is auditor tenure manageable? Evidence from audit partner rotations in Hong Kong Dr Fan Yangyang 0.47M
Information Choices and Dynamic Institutional Trading Cycle Dr Hu Gang 0.44M
Are Board of Affiliated Firms in Pyramidal Groups Entrenched? – Evidence from Hong Kong Stock Market Prof Cheng Cheng-shing Agnes 0.51M
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Optimal Deployment of LNG Bunkering Infrastructure for Emission Reduction in Maritime Transportation Dr Wang Shuaian 0.4M
Pickup and Delivery Vehicle Routing Problems with Split Loads for Asset Repositioning Applications: New Relaxations and Solution Algorithms Prof Xu Zhou 0.5M
Capacity Design for Electrified Shared- Mobility Systems Dr Pan Kai 0.48M
Impact of Government Subsidy Schemes and Consumer Heterogeneity on Green Product Design and Adoption Dr Xiao Guang 0.39M
Emergency Large-scale Epidemic Outbreaks: Medical Relief Production, Allocation and Routing with Demand Forecasting Based on SEIR Epidemic Diffusion Model Prof Ng Daniel Chi-to 0.47M
Dynamic Bundling for Revenue Management Dr Ye Hengqing 0.46M
The Impact of Ex Post Quality Heterogeneity and Customer Fairness Concern on Dual Sourcing Strategy Dr Wang Yulan 0.47M
Data-driven Pricing Strategies in the Presence of Reference Effects Dr Wu Shining 0.38M
Unmanned/Autonomous Merchant Ships: Liability and Insurance Issues Dr Zhu Ling 0.56M
Department of Management and Marketing
Voice Behavior in Multidisciplinary Team Meetings: The Role of Informal Leaders and Status Hierarchy Prof Liu Wu 0.54M
The Diffusion of Online Learning Technology Dr Xu Yan 0.4M
Consumer Color Preference under Time Scarcity Professor Jiang Yuwei 0.43M
Does Observing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities Make Us Donate More? An Investigation of the Effect of CSR on Consumer Prosocial Behavior
Dr Chen Fangyuan 0.37M
Proactive Actor Profiles: An Identity- based Motivational Approach  Dr Lam Wing 0.54M
Letting Go of the Past: Organizational Memory Decay and Firm Competitive Aggressiveness Dr Guo Wei Vivian 0.27M

Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
Executive Disclosure on Twitter Dr Huang Wenli 0.6M
Fast and slow markets, fast and slow investors: How investors react to speed bump Dr Park Seongkyu 0.61M
Tackling Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from Conflict Minerals Disclosure Regulation Prof Ng Tee Yong 0.4M
How likely is it for realized performance to beat performance targets in compensation contracts? The roles of economic factors and corporate governance Dr Zhang Yong 0.31M
"Scoops" in the media: capital market effects of the use of anonymous sources Dr Yang Shuo 0.21M
Determinations of cross-sectional international stock returns: Covariances or characteristics Prof Wei Kuo-chiang 0.49M
Do Institutional Investors Affect Corporate IT Investment and IT Performance? Dr Cheng Zhuo (June) 0.43M
Understanding the Informational Content of Option Implied Volatility Dr Li Gang 0.69M
Forecasting the Growth of Revenues and Expenses Prof OHLSON James A. 0.38M
Internal Connections of CEOs and Corporate Tax Avoidance Dr Ge Rui 0.58M
Corporate Bond Market Attention to Strategic Timing of Bad Earnings News Dr LI Qin 0.34M
Are Partisan Media Also Biased with Respect to Earnings News? Any Price Effect? Prof Cheng Cheng- shing Agnes 0.36M
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Shore Power Deployment Plan: Making at - Berth Emission Reduction Effective Dr Wang Shuaian 0.54M
Reliable transport schedules: Not worth the effort? Dr Czerny Achim 0.3M
Customer Heterogeneity, Service Differentiation and Operational Policy Design of the On-Demand Platforms in the Sharing Economy Dr Wang Yulan 0.47M
Managing Supply Uncertainty for Multi- component Assembly Systems Dr Xiao Guang 0.29M
Reward-Based Crowdfunding in the Presence of Potential Competitor's Imitation Dr Guo Xiaomeng 0.44M
Strategic Operations Management in Bicycle-sharing Industry Dr Xu Wenxin 0.32M
Joint Inventory and Markdown Management for Perishable Products with Censored Demand Data Prof Guo Pengfei 0.43M
Department of Management and Marketing
Interviewer Authentic Behavior: Conceptualization and Examination of Its Impact on Recruitment Outcomes Dr Kim Kawon 0.42M
The Impact of Product Glossiness on Consumer Judgments Dr Jiang Yuwei 0.46M
Worrying the Day Away: A Model of How Daily Workplace Anxiety Enhances Employee Productivity Dr Cheng Bonnie Hayden 0.43M



Research Grants Council - Early Career Scheme (ECS)

Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
Climate shocks-induced fire sales Dr Xiang Hong 0.34M
Venture Capital and Labor Market Outcomes of Young Firms Dr Liu Yi 0.33M
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Mitigating supply risks with process flexibility: theory and applications in maritime logistics Dr Sun Qinghe 0.48M
Department of Management and Marketing
How Income Disparity Among Romantic Partners Impact Joint Consumption Decisions Dr Kim You Jeung (Nicole) 0.38M
Self-awareness and unethical behavior in tight and loose cultures Dr Li Ren 0.54M

Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
The Green Power of Government Procurement: Evidence from the Mandatory Net Zero Commitment from Suppliers Dr Sun Chengzhu 0.45M
Labor Market Adjustments to Carbon Taxes Dr Yip Chi Man 0.43M
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies
Feature-Based Dynamic Pricing with Online Learning and Offline Data Dr Bu Jinzhi 0.49M

Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
Risky Business: Do Shocks to Personal Wealth Impact Analyst Research Properties? Dr Weng Liwei 0.27M
Department of Management and Marketing
Economic analysis of sponsored data through incentivized advertising -- a two-sided market perspective Dr Mei Xiaowei 0.37M

Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
Department of Management and Marketing
Nonlinear Effects of Online Influencer Characteristics on Post Engagement Dr Leung Fine 0.32M

Project Title Principal Investigator Funds Awarded (HK$)
School of Accounting and Finance
The Consequences of Unbundled Research: Evidence from MiFID II Dr Nam Jonathan Sangwook 0.5M
The Real Effects of IFRS 9 Adoption: Evidence from Banks’ Lending Behavior Dr Wang Chong 0.42M
Department of Management and Marketing
A New Way to Tackle Loneliness: Used Products Consumption Dr Huang Feifei 0.58M
Uncovering Sequential Pattern in Online User Opinions based on Deep Learning Techniques Dr Feng Yue 0.45M

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