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Student Exchange


Student Exchange helps participants

  • improve their self-confidence and broaden their outlook
  • learn about different cultures by experiencing them first-hand
  • understand their own values and the beliefs of members of other cultures through interaction with them
  • become independent, flexible and mature
  • improve language skills through immersion in different environments
  • make friends with people from different cultural and social backgrounds
  • add a global dimension to their university life


Messages from Students

I gained confidence to speak up in class and think of creative solutions to solve problems like the Americans. We developed innovative thinking through business case studies.

LEUNG Wan Ting

University of Florida / USA

I learned from the Danes that money is not as important as enjoying life together and maintaining work-life balance. Now I know why Denmark is the happiest nation in the world.

KAN Ka Yan

Copenhagen Business School / Denmark

La Rochelle is a small city where everybody is hospitable and friendly. My exchange study at the business school was amazing. I had the best moments and greatest adventure in my life. Making friends with people from all over the world and playing football with them were the coolest things to do.

CHAN Yiu Lun

La Rochelle Business School / France

In Sweden, we learned to speak for ourselves. Any question would be welcome and all opinions would be valued. We learned to think independently, critically and creatively, and take education into our own hands. With the aim of contributing to society, we did a group project on promoting circular economy through a second-hand shop.


University of Gothenburg / Sweden

My exchange to Bergen, Norway was a life-changing experience. I learned more about Norwegian culture and enriched my understanding of the country. I walked miles to take in the beautiful scenery of snow mountains and lakes that I would never forget. I made great friendships with people from different cultures.

CHIM Ho Wui, Howard

NHH Norwegian School of Economics / Norway

I met people from the Polish and other cultures. I learned in a beautiful environment with snow mountains, huge green area and blue sky, and lower cost of living.

MAN Mung Kiu

Kozminski University / Poland

My cultural exposure was greatly increased when I started to learn Dutch, the language of the Netherlands. Instead of just visiting scenic spots and eating local food, I could interact socially and mix better with other people.

GANDHI Helli Vijay

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam / the Netherlands

I collaborated with engineering students to develop an innovative product, learned and enjoyed life and liberty together with the French. Language was no longer a barrier.

IP Yan Ting

EDHEC Business School / France

In Montreal, you have a healthy body especially in winter when it is extremely cold and you spend much time in the gym room. Montreal is a city of tolerance and openness. You can express any idea even if it is beyond everyone’s imagination. Your lecturer always says 'I love your idea'.

HUNG Nga Sze

Universite du Quebec a Montreal / Canada

The semester in Germany was a rewarding experience. I joined a 17km hiking tour on a snowy day of -7ºC, thinking I could not survive. The challenges were two times harder than I had expected but the prizes were ten times greater!

LIM Yin Yin

University of Mannheim / Germany

The semester of exchange in the UK was extremely fruitful. I had great chances to participate in events such as Easter Celebration and ValeFest (the largest student-run charity festival in Europe). Since Birmingham is centrally located, I was able to travel widely in England and Europe together with the new friends I made at the university.

SHIA Nan Yao

The University of Birmingham / United Kingdom

The exchange provided me with an opportunity to learn from friends from all over the world and to understand more about other people. I lived with four Koreans. I studied, travelled, and played together with them. We built long-lived connections.”


EBS Business School / Germany

Being an exchange student in the Netherlands has been the best educational experience I had. The food, the people, the atmosphere in Maastricht increased my exposure to the unique Dutch culture. Maastricht University inspired me with problem-based learning and made me more confident.

TAM Yu Ling

Maastricht University / the Netherlands

During the exchange, I was involved in peer mentoring and impressed by Belgian culture and customs. To me, the Belgians' way of looking at challenges like Brexit is really interesting and inspiring.

ZHU Tianhui

KU Leuven / Belgium


  • Year 2 students of 4-year BBA programmes
  • Students admitted directly to Year 3 of BBA programmes

Eligibility of individual students is to be determined by the programme-hosting department.


Applying for Exchange

  • Identify preferred exchange institutes
  • Submit applications to the Faculty Office
  • Attend selection interviews


Selection Criteria

  • Each applicant will receive a score for his/her application.
  • The score is obtained from the applicant’s:
    • Latest weighted GPA
    • Group interview performanc
    • English proficieny
    • Putonghua proficiency.
  • All applicants are to be ranked in the order of their scores, from highest to lowest. Higher ranked applicants are assigned to their host institutes first. If two or more students have the same score, lots will be drawn to determine the host institute assignment order.


Financial Assistance

Partner Institutions

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