Student Samples

User Guides:


1) “Italian Insider” by Hilda Cheung, Kitty Mak and Linus Ng

Teacher’s Comments:

A clear goal is noted in this project to allow understanding and meeting needs of target audience in thoughtful ways. Webpage design also provides illustrative instructions and communicate messages in a convenient layout. Relevant choice of navigation design and caption. Noted consistency in arrangement of text and visual elements. The context and background are well explained. Very comprehensive info and relevant guidelines given. Good research and first hand info included.

Effective use of action verbs and good attention paid to the clarity of message. Consider adding of disclaimer and references regarding info used. Apart from answering inquiry from readers, might as well invite them to be informants of new tips and help in updating the travel tips. Suggest making better use of interactive and communication tools available from and the social media.


2) “Backpacking Alone in Europe” by Michael Wong, Rachel Wu and Bonnie Yung

Teacher’s Comments:

A unique and original plan for target users. Clear goals and relevant introduction given. Thoughtful choice of format  to meet the needs of a backpacker. Details added to tailor make journey for a lone traveler. Comprehensive coverage  of  travel tips with the help of hyperlinks and reminders.

Effective use of language and attention paid to clarity of message. Careful editing noted in finalizing the project. Effective choice of visuals showing originality and attractiveness. Good balance of text and visual elements. Excellent idea to upload the user guide online for easy access on mobile or other electronic gadgets. To allow updates of travel info and participation from target readers, suggest adding of your contact info and provide comment boxes or communication tools for feedback.


3) “Bread Angels” by Aubrey Leung

Teacher’s Comments:

A well-prepared project with tailor made design and contents.

Good research noted and layered info facilitating browsing and user’s need for level and complexity of info.

The writing is effective and clear to readers and appropriate for younger readers who might also be target readers.

Design is carefully down and good use of colours and images. If possible, may also consider taking own photos or using more original graphics either in drawing or photos to maintain consistency.



Personal Webpages:


1) Cristina LIN

Teacher’s Comments:

Cristina has presented on the webpage solid info of her talents and skills. Clear focus noted to showcase important attributes and professional skills to target readers. Detailed self-introduction. Concrete words to highlight key areas of strength. Able to specify career aspirations and provide samples of projects illustrating core capabilities. The design sets a clear theme with layered info. Effective links between pages to facilitate navigation. Suggest linking keywords on the home page or in self-intro to important samples and pages. Clear writing overall. Details of accomplishment highlighted with action verbs to describe tasks and responsibilities.


2) Ling NG

Teacher’s Comments:

Ling has highlighted her talents and expertise in this project. Good focus noted to showcase her professional training and state her career aspirations. Concrete info given in illustrating experiences and capabilities through relevant activities and samples. Effective use of evidence to support the description.

The design sets a clear theme with layered info. Effective writing overall. Appropriate use of verbs and keywords to describe tasks and accomplishments. Can hyperlink keywords in self-introduction to important samples and pages of relevance.


3) Stacy Lee

Teacher’s Comments:

A rich and informative webpage show casing relevant credentials and solid examples of work experiences matching with the career aspirations. Would be necessary to add resume or at least give academic qualification to demonstrate training and level of education.

It is thoughtful to include employer’s recommendations as testimony of work performance. Adding of personal insight to social media use is certainly useful. Would be even convincing if critiques be made to case study specific to the three tips offered. It is also a common practice to showcase one’s skills by making good use of social media tools like the weblog, Instagram etc. as strong evidence of info and account management skills.

Under the companies listed, it would be helpful also to give specific clarification how skills like using keywords and social media listening were employed in the two posts designed for an insurance company. What were the responses and follow up work after these posts?

Design wise, pay attention to interactivity and simplicity in the layout. Double check any broken links.